Talara Tourist Places to Visit in Talara, Peru, America

Talara Tourist Places to Visit in Talara, Peru, America

Talara is a port city situated in the Talara Province in Piura region in Peru at an altitude of 11 meters. It is placed towards the northwestern part of the country, around 1095 km northwest of Lima, the capital of Peru.


Geography of Talara:

Talara is the westernmost city of the South America’s mainland geographically positioned between 4°34′47.65″ S latitude and 81°16′18.76″ W longitude, northwest of Piura, the capital of Piura region.


History of Talara:

During the World War Second, Talara was the site of the air base of the United States and now it is the site of a large fishing armada.


Connectivity to Talara:

Cap. FAP Víctor Montes Arias Airport is the airport serving Talara situated just 2 km away from the heart of the city with scheduled flights to the national capital, Lima and Tumbes, served by one of the major airlines of the country, Star Peru.

There are regular buses running between Talara and the regional capital, Piura. For visitor’s convenience, most of the main bus companies offer advance booking facility and it can be made at any of the travel agencies at Talara.

Other than buses, Talara is also served by tourist vehicles that come from Piura and taxis and colectivos are also widely used.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Talara:

Talara is home to many historical sites dating back to the World War II and the city also known for its modernized food corners and shops. The major food corners in and around Talara are listed below:

  • Chan Chan
  • Don Maximo
  • Sirena Cafe Bar
  • Green Eggs & Ham
  • La Mosca en la Sopa


Things to do in Talara:

  • Historical sites
  • Beach
  • Bach resort


Tourist Attractions in and around Talara:


Talara Port:

The port of Talara is the major landmark as well as tourist attraction of Talara where ships continuously arrive. It is also a nice sightseeing spot and the port is reachable by rental vehicles.


Cabo Blanco Beach:

Cabo Blanco Beach is a spectacular beach attracting tourists from all around the globe for its eye catching beauty and different water sport activities. Nice surrounding environment.


Punta Arenas Houses:

Punta Arenas houses are initially established by the American constructors during the middle of the 20th century. These are still good in condition, attracting both domestic and international tourists.


List of other places of interest near Talara include:

  • Punta Balcones
  • Amotape mountains
  • Pariñas Forest
  • Plataforma del Zócalo Continental
  • Talara Refinery
  • Talara Civic Centre
  • Punta Pariñas
  • Mancora Yoga
  • Las Pocitas Beach
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Vichayito Beach
  • Basilica Catedral de Piura
  • Amotape Hills National Park
  • IIglesia de San Francisco
  • Universidad de Piura


Best time to visit Talara:

Probably from June to August is the best time to enjoy holidays in Talara while the weather remains pleasant.


Accommodation options near Talara:

There are few reputed hotels in Talara, due to this; tourists can visit the hotels of Piura and Mancora for best hospitality services. The prominent hotels in Talara, Piura and Mancora are listed below:

  • Hotel El Angolo Talara
  • El Hueco Villas
  • Mancora beach resort
  • Hotel Costa del Sol Piura
  • El Escudero Lodge
  • Hotel Puerto Palos
  • Vichayito Bungalows y Carpas de Playa
  • Hotel Del Wawa
  • Hotel Casa de Playa
  • Hotel Rio Verde
  • LP Los Portales Piura
  • Mancora Beach Bungalows
  • Hotel Grand Mare & Bungalows
  • Mancora Marina Hotel
  • Mancora Bay Hotel
  • Montealis Hotel Boutique
  • Las Arenas De Mancora Hotel

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