Best Tourist Places to Visit in Lima, Peru, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Lima, Peru, America

Lima is the capital and largest city of Peru situated in the central coastal portion of the country at a maximum elevation of 1,548 meters. Lima is an Americas 5th largest city as well as the most populous metropolitan area of the country. The National University of San Marcos is the identity of Peru located in Lima.


Geography of Lima:

Lima is geographically placed between 12°2′36″ S latitude and 77°1′42″ W longitude. The city, metro and urban areas of Lima covers 2,672.3 sq. km. 2,819.3 sq. km. and 800 sq. km. respectively. The province of Lima is divided into 43 districts.


History of Lima:

The Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro was the founder of Lima, founded on January 18, 1535 with name ‘Ciudad de los Reyes’. Lima became the capital of Peru following the independence of Peru from Spanish in the year 1535.


Connectivity to Lima:

Lima is served by Jorge Chávez International Airport which is situated around 8 km away from the downtown of Lima. JCIA has connectivity with most of the major European, South American and North American cities including Madrid, Paris, Mexico City, Toronto, Atlanta, Panama City and Buenos Aires.

The major bus terminals of Lima are Gran Terminal Terrestre en Plaza Norte and Terminal Terrestre Sur Atocongo, served by both general and luxury buses.

Micro Buses and taxis are commonly used for local travel. The major bus companies in Lima include:

  • America Express
  • Movil Tours
  • Transmar


Culture, Food and Shopping in Lima:

Lima has a strong cultural background housing plenty of palaces, museums, historical buildings and cultural centres. Spanish is a widely spoken language in Lima.

Shops are plenty, cards are accepted and the major food corners in Lima are:

  • Astrid y Gaston
  • Edo Sushi Bar
  • Pescados Capitales
  • Restaurante Rigoletto


Things to do in Lima:

  • Lucid Lima Free Tour
  • Bike Tours of Lima
  • Capital Culinaria Lima Gourmet Tours
  • Escuela Etnia Peru


Tourist Attractions in Lima:


Museum of the Nation:

Museum of the Nation is one of two main museums revealing about the history of Peru, another being the Peruvian National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology, and History. It is home to around thousands of artifacts, photographs and wood carvings from the Spanish colonial period to the modern history of Peru.


Torre Tagle Palace:

Located in the downtown Lima east of the Plaza de Armas, Torre Tagle Palace is a Spanish Baroque bungalow. It was inaugurated in 1735. Other than TTP, Lima is also home to many historical palaces such as Casa Goyeneche, Casa Negreiros and Casa de las Trece Monedas.


The Basilica Cathedral of Lima:

The Basilica Cathedral of Lima is situated in the Plaza Mayor in the heart of Lima city. Its construction was initiated in 1535 and was opened in 1538. Must watch.


Other places of interest in Lima include:

  • Punta Hermosa
  • Sanctuary of Las Nazarenas
  • Historic Centre of Lima
  • Municipal Palace of Lima
  • Monastery of San Francisco
  • Walls of Lima
  • Museum of Italian Art
  • Palace of Justice
  • Balconies of Lima
  • Archbishop’s Palace of Lima


Ideal time to visit Lima:

The months between June and October will be ideal to enjoy holidays in Lima.


Accommodation options in Lima:

Lima is home to many word famous hotels ranging from 1 star to 7 stars. Airport shuttle, spa, attached bathroom, doctor on call and free Wi-Fi are the common facilities offered by the hotels of Lima. The prominent hotels in Lima are listed below:

  • 511 Lima Hostel
  • Quinta Miraflores Boutique Hotel
  • Bed & Breakfast de Kike
  • Second Home Peru
  • Residencial Miraflores B&B
  • Lynik La Casa de Blanca
  • Huaca Wasi Hotel Boutique
  • D’Osma Bed & Breakfast
  • El Mirador de Pucusana
  • Casa Nuestra Peru B&B
  • Casa Bella B&B Boutique Hotel
  • Hostal Las Camelias
  • B&B Miraflores Wasi Independencia
  • The Lighthouse Bed & Breakfast
  • Inka Frog Exclusive
  • Albergue Miraflores House

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