Best Tourist Places to Visit in Santa Elena, Venezuela, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Santa Elena, Venezuela, America

Santa Elena (fully Santa Elena de Uairen) is a city situated in the Bolívar state of Venezuela between 4°36′7.63″ N latitude and 61°6′40.3″ W longitude. It is the gateway to many renowned tourist destinations such as Canaima National Park, Monte Roraima and Angel Falls, on this point, there are many travel agencies in the Santa Elena offering affordable tour packages.

Also most of the people visit Santa Elena to purchase low priced electronic items, food and hygiene products (especially from Brazilian cities due to its nearness with Brazilian border).


Geography of Santa Elena:

Santa Elena is located about 900 meters above sea level, around 700 km southeast of Ciudad Bolivar (state capital) and 1260 km southeast of Caracas (national capital).


History of Santa Elena:

Lucas Fernández Peña was the founder of Santa Elena, founded in 1923 and the name of Santa Elena derives from Pena Elena who was the 1st daughter of Lucas Fernández Peña.


How to reach Santa Elena?

Santa Elena de Uairén Airport is located 7 km away from the heart of the city and it operates scheduled flights to Porlamar and Puerto Ordaz, served by Aereotuy and Conviasa.

Also there are buses departing from Ciudad Bolivar, Puerto la Cruz, Puerto Ordaz and Boa Vista Boa Vista in Brazil daily. Expresos Los Llanos and Expreso Occidente are the major bus operators between these routes.

Taxi is a major transportation option within Santa Elena, charging around 20 bsf within the city.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Santa Elena:

Manakrü are the indigenous people of Santa Elena who form the higher majority of Santa Elena’s population. Pemon is a native language and most of the local speak Spanish as well.

Santa Elena houses many food corners and shops and tourists can also bring food packets and water bottles along. The prominent food corners in Santa Elena are:

  • Restaurant Nova Opcao
  • Inversiones Lakshmy
  • Restaurant Nova Opcao Sucursal
  • Alfredo’s Restaurant


Things to do in Santa Elena:

  • Hiking tour
  • Shopping
  • Jungle tour
  • Mountain climbing


Tourist Attractions in Santa Elena:


Canaima National Park:

Being the 2nd largest national park of Venezuela (behind Parima-Tapirapecó) with a total area of 30,000 sq. km., Canaima National Park was established on 12 June 1962. Angel Falls and Mount Roraima are the major identities of the park.


Mount Roraima:

Mount Roraima is situated within Canaima National Park attracting tourists from all around the world throughout the year. Maverick Rock is the highest point of the peak at 2,810 meters. Mount Roraima is not tough as other mountains to climb.


Angel Falls:

At a height of 979 meters, Angel Falls is the highest continuous waterfall in the globe. The water drops over the Auyantepui Mountain give an unforgettable experience to the eyes of tourists. Don’t miss it, must see.


Other places of interest in and around Santa Elena include:

  • Capilla de Santa Teresita de Kavanayen
  • Gran Sabana
  • Chimantá Massif
  • Auyantepui
  • Tepui Chiricayen
  • San Luis de Avarkay
  • Aponwao
  • Chivatón Mantopay
  • Kukenan

Ideal time to visit Santa Elena:

Santa Elena can be visited between December and April while the weather will be supportive for outdoor activities.


Accommodation options in Santa Elena:

Santa Elena houses many reputed hotels with tourist favor facilities such as hot water bath, arrangement of vehicle and entertainment activities, AC, TV, food on request, telephone and airport shuttle. List of major hotels in Santa Elena is as follows:

  • Campamento Rapidos de Kamoiran
  • Hotel WakuPata & Residencial
  • Hotel Gran Sabana
  • Anaconda
  • Posada l’Auberge
  • Campamento Ecologico Ya-koo
  • Posada Los Pinos
  • Campamento Chivaton
  • Hotel Michelle
  • Venezuela Explorer Ecolodge
  • Posada Backpackers
  • Hotel San Marcos
  • Posada Villa Fairmont

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