Flores Tourist Places to Visit in Flores, Guatemala, America

Flores Tourist Places to Visit in Flores, Guatemala, America

Flores is the capital city of the department of Peten in Guatemala, situated between 16°54′ N latitude and 89°54′ W longitude, about 410 km from Guatemala city, the capital of Guatemala. The mainland of Flores comprises the suburb of Santa Elena and the old division of Flores situated on an island on Lake Peten Itza. Flores is adjoined by San Benito municipality and was the Maya city of Nojpeten in the Pre-Columbian era.


History of Flores:

Flores was inhabited and founded by Itza people during the 13th century as Tayasal and later they changed its name as ‘Noh Peten’ means ‘City Island’. Tah Itza was another name of Flores, meaning ‘Place of the Itzá.


How to reach Flores?

Flores is catered by Mundo Maya International Airport which is 3 km away from the centre of the city. The airport has good connectivity with Guatemala City, Belize City, Cancun, Palenque and El Mirador, operated by Avianca, Transportes Aereos Guatemaltecos and Tropic Air. Taxis costs around Q20 from airport to Flores. Tuk tuk is another option costing around Q5 per person.

Some major bus operators from Guatemala City include Autobuses del Norte, Linea Dorada and Fuente del Norte. Fuente Del Norte provides services to Coban city and Linea Dorada and San Juan Express are helpful to reach Belize City from Flores.


Food and Shopping in Flores:

Flores houses many well facilitated food corners and tourists can refer below food corners for delicious food:

  • Cafe Arqueologico Yax-ha
  • Fonda Ixobel
  • Mayan Princess
  • Restaurant Mirador del Lago
  • Restaurante Capitan Tortuga

Jades Yaxha La Casa del Jade is a best place to purchase variety of jewelers and masks at reasonable prices. Chile Salsa, wood carvings and embroidery clothes are purchasable items in Flores.


Things to do in Flores:

  • Film watching
  • Volunteer Peten
  • Boat riding
  • Visit Tikal
  • Swimming


Places to see near Flores:

Ixpanpajul Natural Park:

Ixpanpajul Natural Park is situated around 15 minutes drive from the Flores city. The activities to do in the park include walk on the Sky-Way, swinging and horseback riding. The administration of the park offers shuttle service from Flores city and Santa Elen. The park is open from 08:00-18:00, discount on entrance fee depends on the number of persons, generally 15$-30$.



ARCAS (Asociacion de Rescate y Conservacion de Vida Silvestre) is a wildlife prevention centre near Flores. Tourists are needed to have boat to reach ARCAS, sometimes ARCAS provides its own boat service from Flores (8AM and 3PM) or tourists can reach by private boat. Petencito Zoo is located in the vicinity of ARCAS.


Ak’tun Kan:

Ak’tun Kan is a stunning cave located on the outskirts of Flores city, reachable by taxi which costs Q20. The cave includes objects of animals, stalagmites and stalactites. Entrance fee is Q15 with guide.


Other places of interest near Flores include:

  • Petencito Zoo
  • Spanish Academy Dos Mundos
  • Lake Peten Itza
  • Cival
  • Mopan River
  • The beach at Tilapa
  • Manchon Guamuchal Wetland Preserve


Best time to visit Flores:

Throughout the year is best time to visit, especially the months between March and September are ideal to visit Flores.


Accommodation Options in Flores:

Flores is a beautiful city with top class accommodation centres with upgraded facilities like TV, AC, restaurant, pool, private bathroom, airport shuttle and internet. The major hotels generally charge around Q25 per person per night. List of prominent hotel in Flores include:

  • Hotel Isla de Flores
  • Hotel y Restaurante El Peregrino
  • Green World Hotel
  • Mayan Internacional
  • Hotel Casa Elena de las Flores
  • Hotel Jaguar Inn Santa Elena
  • Hotel Mayab
  • Mirador del Lago
  • Hotel Casa Amelia
  • La Lancha Lodge
  • Hotel Villa del Lago
  • Hotel Casazul
  • Hotel Casona de la Isla
  • Hotel Villa Margarita
  • Hotel Casona del Lago
  • Peten Esplendido
  • Gran Hotel De La Isla
  • Hotel Peten

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