Places to Visit in Uaxactun, Guatemala, America

Places to Visit in Uaxactun, Guatemala, America

Uaxactun also known as Waxaktun is an archeological site belonging to the ancient Maya civilization. It is situated in Peten Basin region in Peten department of Guatemala, about 25 km from Tikal, 85 km from Flores and 500 km from Guatemala City. Uaxactun is home to diverse animals like Spider Monkeys, Deer, Coatimundis and Jaguars.


Geography of Uaxactun:

Uaxactun is positioned between latitude 17°23′36.82″ in the north and 89°38′4.32″ in the west.


Etymology and History of Uaxactun:

Siaan K’aan was the ancient name of Uaxactun and it means ‘born in heaven’. This site was renamed as Uaxactun by Sylvanus Morley, a United States archeologist and the re-discoverer of Uaxactun in May 1916. The literal meaning of Uaxactun is ‘Eight Stones’ in Maya language.


How to reach Uaxactun?

Uaxactun has its own airport but it is not served by regular flights and presently the nearest and major airport to Uaxactun is Mundo Maya International Airport in Santa Elena (around 80 km away from Uaxactun).

Buses are available at Santa Elena Market at 2PM to Uaxactun costing Q20. Tourist can book tickets in advance at any of the tourist agencies of Santa Elena. Permission is necessary for tourist to drive his own vehicle and permission is granted at Tikal administration office (Q25).

Also tourists can reach Uaxactun by rental mountain bikes, available in Flores. The bus returns at 6AM.


Food and shopping in Uaxactun:

There are few food corners and shops located in Uaxactun, so it is advised for tourists to bring food packets and water bottles. Also tourists can refer the restaurants and shops of Tikal or Flores city for better shopping experience and to taste mouthwatering eateries.


Places of interest in Uaxactun:


Uaxactun Archeological Museum:

There is a small archeological museum located in Uaxactun and that displays on Uaxactun culture and history. It also houses local typical handicrafts’ models and photographs as well.


Maya Biosphere Reserve:

Maya Biosphere Reserve is a nature reserve covering a total area of 21,602 km² of Tikal, Uaxactun and other neighboring areas. It was established in 1990 to preserve forest and rare animal and bird species. The animals in the park include tapirs, crocodiles, the Red Brocket Jaguar, Puma, howler monkeys, the Ocelot, Margay and spider monkeys. Mahogany, Ceiba and cedar are flora found in Maya Biosphere Reserve.


Uaxactun Ball Court:

Uaxactun ball court is a typical place used by earlier kings of Uaxactun. Bring camera to take pictures of this archeological site.


Other places of interest in Uaxactun are as follows:

  • Temple of Masks
  • Tikal National Park
  • Uaxactun Airport
  • Sylvanus G. Morley Museum
  • Tikal Temple 1
  • Mundo Perdido
  • Stelae Museums
  • North Acropolis
  • South Acropolis
  • Plaza of the Seven Temples
  • Lost World Pyramid
  • Central Acropolis
  • Great Plaza


Best time to visit Uaxactun:

Generally from November to March is the ideal time to travel Uaxactun.


Accommodation options in Uaxactun:

Uaxactun is an archeological site featuring many specialties from the ancient period. It is home to only one well facilitated accommodation centre, Alicia’s Guesthouse and tourists can also refer camping for accommodation purpose. The major hotels in Uaxactun, Tikal (25 km) and Flores (85 km) are as follows:

  • Alicia’s Guesthouse
  • Tikal Inn
  • Jaguar Inn
  • Jungle Lodge
  • Hotel Casazul
  • Hotel Casona de la Isla
  • Hotel Villa Margarita
  • Hotel Casona del Lago
  • Peten Esplendido
  • Gran Hotel De La Isla
  • Hotel Casa Amelia
  • La Lancha Lodge
  • Hotel Villa del Lago
  • Hotel Peten
  • Green World Hotel
  • Mayan Internacional
  • Hotel Casa Elena de las Flores

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