Carmelita Tourist Places to Visit in Carmelita, Guatemala, America

Carmelita Tourist Places to Visit in Carmelita, Guatemala, America

Carmelita is one of the settlements of San Andres municipality in El Peten department of Guatemala, situated about 85 km from the department capital, Flores and 500 km from the national capital, Guatemala City. Carmelita is specially known for the famous archeological sites.

The municipality of San Andres comprises of 55 rural communities, Carmelita is one of them. San Andres municipality was formed in 1962 in the area of 8,874 km² which is around 25% of El Peten department and the town of San Andres is located on the north-western shore of Peten Itza Lake at the coordinates of 16°58′03″ N 89°54′37″ W with an altitude of 150 meters. The Central Government of Guatemala declared 93% area of San Andres as protected nature reserve in 1990.


How to reach Carmelita?

Carmelita has its own airport located within the village well connected with domestic locations and the nearest international airport is Mundo Maya International Airport situated at a distance of 90 km with connection to Guatemala City, Belize City, Cancun, Palenque and El Mirador, operated by Avianca, Transportes Aereos Guatemaltecos and Tropic Air.

There are buses departing from Carmelita to department capital city Flores at 1 PM and 5 AM every day and it takes around 4.5 hours to reach. Tuk-tuk is the private cheap mode of transportation good to reach surrounding regions and tourist places.

Food and Shopping in Carmelita:

Carmelita houses only few well facilitated restaurants and shopping centres, but tourists can have traditional dish at small food corners and purchase handmade clothes, hats and wooden carvings at local shops at affordable costs. It will be better to reach Flores city to enjoy best shopping experience and to have delicious food.


Things to do in Carmelita:

  • Swimming
  • Visit Tikal
  • Cinema


Places to see in Carmelita:

Lake Peten Itza:

Lake Peten Itza is a major tourist destination of San Andres municipality and Carmelita. Behind Lake Izabal, it is the 2nd largest lake in Guatemala with surface area of 99 sq. km. measuring a length of 32 km and width of 5 km. It is visited by more than 150,000 tourists annually for its archaeological significance. Lake Peten Itza has abundance of fishes in its crystal clear water and is located around 65 km from Carmelita.


Ak’tun Kan:

Ak’tun Kan is a magnificent cave featuring different relics of animals and humans. The objects are labeled by Spanish and also tourists can take help of staff for easy exploration. Entrance fee is Q15. There are taxis and other private vehicles available to reach from Carmelita.


Petencito Zoo:

Petencito Zoo houses jaguars, raccoons, monkeys and many endangered animals as well. Also there are several food corners surrounding the zoo.


Other places of interest in Carmelita include:

  • Ixpanpajul Natural Park
  • Ruinas de Uaxactun
  • Las Guacamayas Biological Station
  • Carmelita Airport


Best time to visit Carmelita:

The months between May and October are ideal to visit Carmelita.


Accommodation Options in Carmelita:

There are few luxury hotels located in Carmelita, but Carmelita boasts many home stays that offer bed and breakfast and traditional meal as well. List of best hotels with upgraded facilities near Carmelita and in Flores city (85 km) include:

  • Villa Benjamin
  • Gran Hotel De La Isla
  • Hotel Peten
  • Hotel Isla de Flores
  • Hotel y Restaurante El Peregrino
  • La Lancha Lodge
  • Hotel Casa Amelia
  • Hotel Villa del Lago
  • Green World Hotel
  • Mayan Internacional
  • Hotel Casa Elena de las Flores
  • Hotel Jaguar Inn Santa Elena
  • Hotel Mayab
  • Mirador del Lago
  • Hotel Casazul
  • Hotel Casona de la Isla
  • Hotel Villa Margarita
  • Hotel Casona del Lago
  • Peten Esplendido

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