Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Playa Grande, Guatemala, America

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Playa Grande, Guatemala, America

Playa Grande is a town and seat of Ixcan municipality in El Quiche department of Guatemala, is situated about 280 km from the national capital Guatemala City. Playa Grande houses the inhabitants of different ethnic groups like Kiche, Ixil, Uspantek, Kekchi and Ladino.

Uspantek and Q’eqchi are the Mayan languages spoken by the natives along with Spanish. The annual festival of Playa Grande is celebrated from the 15th May to the 17th May. Playa Grande houses farmers market, airport, schools and general stores.


Geography of Playa Grande:

Playa Grande is placed between 15°59′ N latitude and 90°46′ W longitude.


Connectivity to Playa Grande:

Playa Grande has its own airport connected only with domestic locations, located around 8 km away from the midpoint of the town. Playa Grande is situated about 220 km from its nearest international airport, Mundo Maya International Airport in Flores and La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City is placed about 280 km from Playa Grande.

There are regular buses plying between Playa Grande and its nearby towns and cities. For local travel, tourists can hire bicycles or bike from natives or travel agents.

Culture, Shopping and Food in Playa Grande:

Playa Grande is culturally diverse town housing the population of Roman Catholicism and Evangelicalism and the ethnicities in Playa Grande are Ixil, Uspantek, K’ekchi, Ladino and K’iche. Uspantek and Q’eqchi are the commonly spoken languages in Playa Grande. Annual festival of Playa Grande is held in the month of May from 15th to 17th.

Playa Grande is home to all the types of shops including daily usable items, mobile recharge, electrical and electronic, fashion and clothes.

Playa Grande Ixcan Farmers Market is an ideal place to purchase traditional handicrafts, fresh vegetables and fruits and special umbrellas. Other than shops, Playa Grande also hosts many food corners with both traditional and neighboring countries eateries. Most of them are located near the market of Playa Grande.


Things to do in Playa Grande:

  • Cycling
  • Shopping
  • Cultural events
  • Internet browsing


Places to visit in Playa Grande:


Chichicastenango is a town known for its annual celebrations and is surrounded by mountains and valleys. Thursday and Sunday markets at Chichicastenango sell beautiful traditional Mayal textiles at reasonable costs. Santo Thomas Festival in Chichicastenango is famous for typical traditional dances.



Q’umarkaj is an archeological site which served as the capital of different kingdoms in earlier times and tourist can now see many big rocks and old houses here.


San Andres Sajcabajá:

San Andres Sajcabaja is located in the Sierra de Chuacus mountain range with an average altitude of 1500 meters. It is a historic town housing many archeological sites from the colonial period.


Other places of interest near Playa Grande include:

  • Church of Santo Thomas
  • Pascual Abaj
  • Santa Cruz del Quiche
  • Cerro de San Andres
  • Los Cerritos
  • La Laguna
  • Chichicastenango Regional Museum
  • Nebaj Museum
  • Santo Tomas Church
  • Visis Caba Biosphere Reserve


Best time to visit Playa Grande:

During the beginning months of summer season are best to travel Play Grande.


Accommodation Options in Playa Grande:

Playa Grande is a city with many archeological sites and natural attractions. Also the town houses accommodation centres categorizing from home stays to hotels with all the basic facilities. The hotels in Playa Grande and its nearby towns are listed below:

  • Santo Tomas Hotel
  • Posada El Arco
  • Hotel Chalet
  • Hotel Villa Grande
  • Hospedaje Salvador
  • Hotel Ixil
  • Hotel Chuguila
  • Hostal de Santa Maria
  • Mayan Inn
  • Hotel El Sitio
  • Hotel Giron
  • Posada Vetz K’aol
  • Hotel Turansa
  • Hotel San Pasqual
  • Hotel Rey Kiche
  • Hotel Santa Maria
  • Chalet Tony
  • Hacienda San Antonio
  • MediaLuna MedioSol

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