Gouyave Tourist Places to Visit in Gouyave, Grenada, America

Gouyave Tourist Places to Visit in Gouyave, Grenada, America

Gouyave is the largest town of St John parish in the Caribbean country of Grenada. It serves as the capital of the parish, geographically located between 12°09′59″ N latitude and 61°43′48″ W longitude on the west coast of Grenada Island with an elevation of 82 meters. Gouyave is situated 20 km north of Saint George’s, the capital city of Grenada.

Gouyave is renowned for its two cultural events such as Fisherman’s Birthday (which is an annual celebration to be held on 29th June by gathering all Grenada’s fishermen together with many competitions and entertainment activities) and another is Fish Friday is celebrated on every Friday.


History of Gouyave:

Gouyave was earlier known as Charlotte Town by deriving name from Queen Charlotte of Britain and later it was renamed Gouyave because of the presence of abundance guava trees by French.


Connectivity to Gouyave:

Maurice Bishop International Airport is the nearest major airport to Gouyave, located at a distance of 30 kms. It is served by American Airlines, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Delta Air Lines and many other international airlines with connections to Miami, New York, London, St. Lucia, Port of Spain and Toronto.

Gouyave also has good road connectivity with neighboring towns, catered by both private and public buses. Tourists can also use taxi and rental cars.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Gouyave:

Gouyave is basically a fishing village housing two famous fishing events that are celebrated grandly by fishermen of the entire Grenada by joining communally. The events include Fisherman’s Birthday (on June 29th every year) and Fish Friday (every Friday).  Other than hosting events, Gouyave is also home to many standard shops.

The famous restaurants in and around Gouyave are:

  • Q-West restaurant
  • Bash Restaurant by Mark B
  • The Beach House Restaurant
  • BB’s Crabback
  • Le Papillion Cafe – Grenada


Places of interest in and around Gouyave:

Gouyave Bay:

Gouyave Bay is not much as developed as other Grenadian bays but it is one of the best places for fishing in Grenada. Tourists can enjoy some best fishing experience here with the help of native fishermen.


Nutmeg factory:

Nutmeg factory of Gouyave is the biggest in Grenada, here visitors can learn on Nutmeg cultivation, storage and package. Take help of guided tours for easy exploration.


Dougladston Estate:

Dougladston Estate is in the vicinity of Gouyave Bridge just outside Gouyave town. It is home to a variety of Grenadian spices that are exported to different Caribbean countries.


Other places of interest near Gouyave are:

  • Parc a Boeuf
  • Morne Rouge
  • Magazin Beach
  • Grenada Sugar Factory
  • Levera Beach
  • La Sagesse Beach
  • L’Anse aux Epines Beach
  • River Antoine Rum Distillery
  • Grand Anse Beach
  • Belmont Estate
  • Dusquene Bay
  • Black Bay Beach
  • Bathway Beach


Best time to visit Gouyave:

Generally the months of dry season will be the best time to trip Gouyave to explore beaches.


Accommodation options in and around Gouyave:

Gouyave is a fishing village housing few attractions and accommodation centres. Due to this, it is advised for tourists to reach St. George and other nearby towns for best hospitality experience. St. George is situated around 20 km away from Gouyave and the prominent hotels and resorts in and around Gouyave are as follows:

  • Rumboat Retreat
  • Stanhope Estate
  • The Relax Inn
  • Palm Grove Guest House
  • No Problem Apartments
  • Elinnanda Estates
  • Cedars Inn
  • Tropicana Inn
  • Anns Guest House
  • Beach Inn
  • Windward Sands Inn
  • Mitchell’s Guest House
  • Grand View Inn
  • South Winds Holiday Cottages
  • Grand Anse Beach Palace Hotel

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