Victoria Tourist Places to Visit in Victoria, Grenada, America

Victoria Tourist Places to Visit in Victoria, Grenada, America

Victoria is a town located towards the north-west coast of the island country Grenada, belonging to the parish of Saint Mark. It is situated about 25 kms north of Saint Georges, the capital of Grenada and 18 kms northwest of Blaize town.

Victoria is an administrative as well as commercial centre of Saint Mark, home to Sunset City Food Fest which takes place on the last Saturday of every month and also hosts St. Mark’s Day which is celebrated in the middle April.


Geography of Victoria:

Victoria is placed between the towns of Gouyave and Nonpareil at the coordinates of 12°11′ N 61°42′ W at an altitude of 155 meters. It is located few kilometers away from Tufton Hall Waterfall and Mount Saint Catherine which are the tallest waterfalls and the highest mountain in Grenada respectively.


How to reach Victoria?

Victoria is connected with capital city St. Georges through Maurice Bishop Highway that passes along the western coast of the island. It is served by regular minibuses that are catered by both public and private organizations.

Victoria is situated about 37 km away from the nearest and the major airport of the country, Maurice Bishop International Airport which is towards the extreme south of the island with connections to many of American locations such as Miami, New York, Toronto and London in UK and many other Caribbean destinations.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Victoria:

Sunset City Food Fest is the major event that takes place in Victoria and is generally organized during the last Saturday of every month with the preparation of different traditional cuisines such as breadfruit, Farine, Jack, Grenada Oil-Down Tania Log and much more. Victoria is also home to many modern shopping centres all around.

The prominent restaurants in and around Victoria are:

  • Shy’s Bar
  • The Beach House Restaurant
  • BB’s Crabback
  • Q-West restaurant


Tourist Attractions in Victoria:

Tufton Hall Waterfall:

Tufton Hall Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Grenada with a height of 25 meters, situated on the outskirts of Victoria town. It can be reachable by hike only because it has no road connection with any of the towns of Grenada and in addition, get help of guided tours for easy exploration.


Mount Saint Catherine:

Mount Saint Catherine is the highest mountain as well as identity of Grenada with an elevation of 840 meters. This stratovolcano boasts horseshoe-shaped crater with numerous lava domes. It is sited outside the town of Victoria and guiders are available in the town centre.


Benago Beach:

Benago Beach is located in Saint John parish, around 5 km away from Victoria. It is a nice relaxing point, well surrounded by restaurants and traditional shops.


List of other places of interest in Victoria include:

  • Dougladston Estate
  • Nutmeg factory
  • Gouyave Bay
  • Black Bay Beach
  • Morne Rouge
  • Magazin Beach
  • Grenada Sugar Factory
  • Bathway Beach
  • L’Anse aux Epines Beach
  • Levera Beach
  • La Sagesse Beach
  • Dusquene Bay


Ideal time to visit Victoria:

From January to May, especially the month of April will be ideal time to visit Victoria, while St. Mark’s Day is usually held and also best to explore waterfalls.


Where to stay in Victoria?

Victoria boasts few luxurious accommodation centres but hosts many guest houses and estates that are specially designed for vacationers. The prominent hotels in Victoria, Gouyave and St. Georges are as follows:

  • Stanhope Estate
  • Mitchell’s Guest House
  • Grand View Inn
  • South Winds Holiday Cottages
  • Elinnanda Estates
  • Tropicana Inn
  • Rumboat Retreat
  • Stanhope Estate
  • Anns Guest House
  • Beach Inn
  • Windward Sands Inn
  • The Relax Inn
  • Palm Grove Guest House
  • No Problem Apartments
  • Grand Anse Beach Palace Hotel

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