Tourist Places to Visit in Mossel Bay, South Africa, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in Mossel Bay, South Africa, Africa

Mossel Bay is a port town situated in the Western Cape province of South Africa, around 400 km east of Cape Town and 400 km west of Port Elizabeth. Mossel Bay is a recognized tourist destination on the southern coast of the country, widely known for its beaches, museum complexes and boat clubs. Spread over an area of 42.2 sq. km, Mossel Bay is geographically positioned between 34°11′00″ S latitude and 22°08′00″ E longitude and experiences a mild climate year round, with summer months from September to April, while winter covers the rest of the year.


History of Mossel Bay:

It is believed that, Mossel Bay is the first place of South Africa landed by the Europeans, on 3 February 1488, by Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias and his squad. The first settlement on Mossel Bay dates back to around 164,000 years, according to the archeological findings found in the area. Mossel Bay also saw the British rule from the early 19th century until the country’s independence.


How to get Mossel Bay?

George Airport is the closest major airport to Mossel Bay, situated around 50 km northeast of Mossel Bay. The airport covers the cities of Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

Mossel Bay can be reached by bus from Cape Town through the highway N2, which also leads Mossel Bay to George. To move within Mossel Bay, airport travel and sightseeing purposes, visitors can hire from the local travel agency.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Mossel Bay:

Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex is the central point of Mossel Bay’s culture, where visitors can get the complete view of the local heritage.

Handicraft products are the purchasable items in Mossel Bay and the most famous restaurants of Mossel Bay are located on its beach line.


What to do in Mossel Bay?

  • Skiing
  • Boating
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling


What to see in Mossel Bay?


Beaches of Mossel Bay:

Beaches are the focal point of Mossel Bay’s tourism as they are considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Apart from offering a wide range of water sports, beaches are also famous as a great relaxation point under the beach umbrellas.


Bartholomeu Dias Museum Complex:

The Bartholomeu Dias Museum Complex is a heritage museum, concentrated on conserving and showcasing the local culture and environmental features. The museum comprises a large waterfront gardens and ship reconstruction exhibition and is open from 9AM-4:45PM (Monday-Friday) and 9AM-3:45PM (Saturday & Sunday).


Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club:

Founded in 1956, the Mossel Bay Yacht and Boat Club is a paradise for water sport lovers, offering all kinds of activities, including boating, yachting, rowing and diving.


Cape St Blaize Cave:

The Cape St Blaize Cave is especially noted as one of the oldest archaeological excavation sites of South Africa. First excavated here in 1888, in that around 200,000 years’ old deposits were revealed. Currently it is designated as a Provincial Heritage Site.


Mossel Bay Golf Club:

The Mossel Bay Golf Club is an amazing golf course in Mossel Bay, situated at 17th Avenue in Mossel Bay. Apart from offering a memorable golfing experience, the club is also famous for offering the spectacular view of the ocean and eye-catching landscape.


Other interesting places in Mossel Bay include:

  • Zorgfontein Game Farm
  • Blaize Trail
  • Pinnacle Point Beach and Golf Resort
  • Cape St Blaize Lighthouse
  • Point of Human Origins
  • Adventure’s Edge Dive & Outdoor Centre
  • Mossel Bay Ski Boat Club
  • Botlierskop Private Game Reserve


When to visit Mossel Bay?

From mid-December to mid-January is the high season in Mossel Bay and to escape from crowd, visitors can choose any month among October, November, February and March.


Accommodation options in Mossel Bay:

Mossel Bay is a town for all types of travelers with all sorts of accommodation centres, ranging from budget guesthouses to star rated hotels and resorts. Advance booking would be better to get desired hotels during high season. Here are some nice hotels in Mossel Bay:

  • Point Village Hotel
  • Eight Bells Mountain Inn
  • Protea Hotel Mossel Bay
  • Diaz Strand Hotel & Resort
  • The Edward Charles Manor
  • Garden Court Mossel Bay
  • Garden Route Casino Hotel & Spa
  • Boland Park Hotel & Lodge
  • Hotel Portao Diaz
  • Linkside2 Guest House
  • Dana Bay B&B Guest House
  • African Oceans Manor on the Beach
  • Aqua Marina Guest House
  • Lilies & Leopards B&B
  • C the View Guesthouse

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