Best Tourist Places to Mongu, Zambia, South Africa, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Mongu, Zambia, South Africa, Africa

Mongu is the capital city of the Western Province in the Southern African country, Zambia. Blessed by opulent greenery, Mongu is one of the prominent ecotourism points in Zambia Mongu is located between 15°16′39″ S latitude and 23°7′55″ E longitude, around 600 km west of the country capital, Usaka. Mongu receives an average precipitation of 945 millimeters per year. Mongu is the site of many popular natural and manmade tourist attractions like a cathedral, a water tower, a large traditional market and a museum Nayuma Museum.

The economy of Mongu is based on agricultural activities and other revenue sources include basket and carpet weaving and mango production. In recent years, tourism has also become Mongu’s one of the economy sources.


Conenctivity to Mongu:

There is a small airport in Mongu but that doesn’t receive any scheduled flights currently. During the dry season, the airport receives charter flights. However, the closet major airport to Mongu is Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in the capital Lusaka. This airport is situated around 630 km east of Mongu and covers many global destinations like Amsterdam, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Dubai, Johannesburg and Durban.

There is a direct road link connecting Mongu to Lusaka, served by scheduled buses. Visitors can choose rental cars in Mongu for local travel, intercity travel and sightseeing purposes.


Food and Shopping in Mongu:

There is a large traditional market in Mongu with colorful Zambian handicrafts, leather bags and other locally produced art and craftworks. Two nice recommended restaurants in Mongu are OK Restaurant & Take Away and Oasis Bar and Restaurant.


Things to do in Mongu:

  • Shopping
  • Visiting museum
  • City tours


Tourist Attractions in Mongu:


Nayuma Museum:

The Nayuma Museum is one of the identities of Mongu, which was established with an objective of promoting the culture of Barotseland, a western Zambian region covering Mongu.


Litunga’s Winter Palace:

Litunga is a leader of the native Lozi population and his winter palace is situated in Mongu in a scenic location. Like palace, the local environment is also attractive and eye-catching.


Mongo Cathedral:

The Mongo Cathedral is one of the renowned religious sites and landmarks of Mongu. The cathedral is famous among both locals and visitors for its holiness, magnificent construction and pleasant surroundings.


Mongu Airport:

The Mongu Airport is situated around 4 km away from the heart of Mongu. Although the airport is not served any scheduled flights, it is famous for its nice structure and activities of the Zambian Air Force.


List of other places of interest near Mongu include:

  • Mongu water tower
  • Liuwa Plains National Park
  • Luanginga River
  • Lilayi Lodge in Lusaka
  • Dag Hammarskjoeld Memorial
  • Munda Wanga Environmental Park in Lusaka
  • Henry Tayali Gallery in Lusaka
  • The National Museum of Zambia, in Lusaka
  • Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage
  • Parray’s Game Ranch in Lusaka
  • The Anglican Cathedral in Lusaka
  • Nchanga Mines Open Pit
  • Copperbelt Museum


Best time to visit Mongu:

The tour of Mongu can be enjoyed best between May and August, when the city remains dry, making the city’s exploration easier.


Hotels in and around Mongu:

Mongu houses few tourist favor accommodation centres, including Thebe Lodge and Yeta Motel Country Lodge, where all traditional and modern amenities are available at affordable budget. The below list includes hotels in the nearby cities of Mongo and in Lusaka (around 600 km from Mongu):

  • Kabula Lodge in Sesheke
  • Sioma River Camp in Sioma
  • Sisheke Lodge in Sesheke
  • Senanga Safaris Lodge in Senanga
  • Eight Reedbuck Hotel in Lusaka
  • Cresta Golfview in Lusaka
  • Wayside Guest House in Lusaka
  • Blue Nile Inn Long Acres in Lusaka
  • Lima Garden Guest House in Lusaka
  • Protea Hotel Cairo Road in Lusaka
  • The Lusaka Hotel in Lusaka
  • Fairview Hotel in Lusaka

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