Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kalabo, Zambia, West Africa, Africa

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Kalabo, Zambia, West Africa, Africa

Kalabo is a town situated in the Western Province of Zambia, between 14°58′ S latitude and 22°41′ E longitude. Located on the southeastern bank of the River Luanginga, Kalabo is the nearest town to a famous natural tourist destination, Liuwa Plain National Park. Kalabo is situated around 70 km from Zambia’s border with Angola and 870 km west of Lusaka, the capital and largest city of Zambia. There is a direct roadway linking Kalabo to Lusaka and other southern and eastern Zambian cities.


Connectivity to Kalabo:

There is an airport in Kalabo but flight service is not scheduled. So tourists are suggested to reach Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka first and afterwards they can choose bus or rental car to get Kalabo. If one booked rental car prior to reaching the airport would be convenient for comfortable airport travel.

Road connectivity to Kalabo from other Zambian cities is not in good condition, so visitors should make sure their visit to Kalabo only during the dry months. To move within Kalabo, minibuses and rental bicycles are the options.


Food and shopping in Kalabo:

There are few standard shopping and dining options in Kalabo and more modernized options can be found in the nearby city Mongu (around 60 km from Kalabo).


What to do in Kalabo?

  • Visiting nearby national park
  • Hiking
  • Village tour


What to see in Kalabo?


Liuwa Plain National Park:

The Liuwa Plain National Park is the first preference of tourists coming to Kalabo. The park is located around 40 kilometers north of Kalabo. It was first established as a game reserve in the nineteenth century and was designated as a national park in 1972. The park is home to around 330 bird species and a large number of wild animals, including typical lioness Lady Liuwa. There is no such standard accommodation facility in the park, so visitors should take care of themselves.


Luanginga River:

The Luanginga River originates in Angola and flows near Kalabo in western Zambia. The town of Kalabo is located on the southeastern bank of the river, where different water sport activities can be enjoyed including swimming.


Kalabo Airport:

The Kalabo Airport is one of the landmarks of Kalabo town. Although flights are not frequent to the airport, the airport draws a substantial number of visitors for its nice construction and pleasant surrounding environment.



Mongu is a scenic city, located around 60 km southeast of Kalabo. Kalabo is famous for many of its manmade and natural attractions like a cathedral, a water tower, a large market, Nayuma Museum and eye-catching surrounding grasslands. It is worth a trip.


List of other places of interest near Kalabo includes:

  • Nayuma Museum
  • Henry Tayali Gallery in Lusaka
  • Lilayi Lodge in Lusaka
  • Parray’s Game Ranch in Lusaka
  • The National Museum of Zambia, in Lusaka
  • The Anglican Cathedral in Lusaka
  • Munda Wanga Environmental Park in Lusaka
  • Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage
  • Nchanga Golf Course
  • Nchanga Mines Open Pit
  • Copperbelt Museum
  • Dag Hammarskjoeld Memorial
  • Mukuyu Slave Tree


Best time to visit Kalabo:

The best time to visit Kalabo depends on visitors’ interest, although the most popular time is from May to October.


Where to stay in Kalabo?

Kalabo houses very few standard accommodation centres, so below is provided the list of hotels located in Lukulu (around 80 km from Kalabo), Sesheke (around 250 km), Mongu (around 60 km) and Senanga (around 200 km):

  • Matoya Fishing Lodge in Lukulu
  • Nina Fishing Camp in Lukulu
  • Kabula Lodge in Sesheke
  • Country Lodge in Mongu
  • Sioma River Camp in Sioma
  • Sisheke Lodge in Sesheke
  • Senanga Safaris Lodge in Senanga
  • Yeta Motel in Mongu
  • Thebe Lodge in Mongu

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