Best Tourist Places to Visit in Zambia, Lusaka, South Africa, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Zambia, Lusaka, South Africa, Africa

Zambia is an African country in the southern part of the continent, covering a total area of 752,618 sq. km, making it the 39th largest country in the world. In terms of population, Zambia is the world’s 70th largest country with 14,309,466 people, as of the 2012 estimation. Blessed by opulent natural resources, Zambia is renowned as one of the top tourist centers of Africa, highlighted by a wonderful natural beauty, Victoria Falls.

Lusaka is the capital and largest city of Zambia and it headquarters the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa. The border of Zambia is shared between the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Angola and Namibia.


History of Zambia:

According to the pre-historical records, Khoisan people were the original settlers of Zambia. Colonization was first begun in Zambia by the Bantu-speaking immigrants during the Bantu expansion in the 13th century.  Zambia fell under the British rule in the eighteenth century and ultimately its independence was proclaimed on 24 October 1964 from the British. The current constitution of Zambia came into existence on 24 August 1991.


Getting Zambia:

The Kenneth Kaunda International Airport is Zambia’s primary airport, situated around 14 km northeast of the heart of the national capital, Lusaka. The airport handles flights from Amsterdam, Harare, Lilongwe, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam, Dubai, Johannesburg and Durban.

Zambia cities have also good connectivity by both bus and train to Malawian, Zimbabwean and Tanzanian cities. Minibuses, rental cars and taxis are commonly used for local travel in Zambia.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Zambia:

Christian is the predominant religion in Zambia, covering more than 95% of the total population of the country. English is the official language of Zambia, while the widely spoken language in Zambia is Nyanja.

Zambian kwacha is the currency used in Zambia. Maize is the main staple food of Zambia’s cuisine and a part of the country’s many popular eateries.


Places to see in Zambia:


Victoria Falls:

Being the largest waterfall in the world, both in height and width, Victoria Falls is one of the identities of Zambia. Zambezi River is a water source for this natural wonder. Don’t miss it.


Livingstone Museum:

The Livingstone Museum holds the title of Zambia’s oldest and largest museum. It is situated in the city of Livingstone in the proximity of Victoria Falls and its collections include the belongings of David Livingstone and photographs and musical instruments showcasing local history.


Kafue National Park:

The largest national park of Zambia, the Kafue National Park is spread over an area of 22,400 sq. km, home to around 55 different animal species. Established in the 1950s, the park is a great point for game drives, boat trips and fishing.


The National Museum of Zambia:

The National Museum of Zambia is located in Lusaka and is allowed for visitors from 9 am – 4.30 pm on all days of the week. The museum exhibits Zambia’s colonial history, traditional life and modern art with a large collection of artifacts and artworks. Entrance fee is K10,000.


Munda Wanga Environmental Park:

Located in Lusaka, the Munda Wanga Environmental Park is a place with multiple attractions like recreational facility, botanical garden and an educational centre of environment. It is a great site for nature and animal enthusiasts.


List of other places of interest in Zambia includes:

  • Victoria Falls Bridge
  • Railway Museum
  • Maramba Cultural Museum
  • Lilayi Game Ranch
  • Kalimba Reptile Park
  • Nembo Scenic Park


Best time to visit Zambia:

The climate of Zambia is diverse, differing from region to region, humid subtropical, tropical wet and dry, and steppe climate. From May to June and October to November are the two popular times to visit Zambia.


Accommodation options in Zambia:

The tour of Zambia can be chosen by all types of tourists as the country, especially the capital Lusaka, houses an array of upgraded hotels like budget camping sites, guest houses, midrange BB and inns and splurge intercontinental hotels. A list of the prominent hotels in Zambia (Lusaka) includes:

  • StayEasy Lusaka
  • Taj Pamodzi Hotel
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Lusaka
  • Southern Sun Ridgeway
  • Protea Hotel Lusaka
  • InterContinental Lusaka
  • Protea Hotel Lusaka Tower
  • Eight Reedbuck Hotel
  • Cresta Golfview
  • Protea Hotel Cairo Road
  • The Lusaka Hotel
  • Fairview Hotel
  • Wayside Guest House
  • Blue Nile Inn Long Acres
  • Lima Garden Guest House

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