Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Lusaka, Zambia, South Africa, Africa

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Lusaka, Zambia, South Africa, Africa

Lusaka is the capital as well as the largest city of the Southern African country, Zambia. It is a thriving city, situated in the southern part of the country at an altitude of 1,300 metres, at 15°25′ S 28°17′ E. Lusaka is a friendly city with a relatively upgraded infrastructure, vibrant nightlife, dozens of modernized shops, pleasant and healthy weather. Lusaka is also city with many sports facilities like golf, tennis, squash and swimming as well as convention centres with regular concerts, which have substantially supported Lusaka to become one of the prominent tourist destinations in Africa.

Lusaka is both the administrative and commercial centre of Zambia, home to the Supreme Court of Zambia, the University of Zambia, the Lusaka National Museum and the Lusaka International Airport.


History of Lusaka:

Lusaka received its name from its chief Lusaka when it was being village. Lusaka began to develop with its expansion project by the British in 1905 during the colonial period. Lusaka gained city rights on August 25, 1960 and became the capital of Zambia in 1964 when the country’s independence was declared from the British’s fist.


Getting Lusaka:

Lusaka is the location of Zambia’s prime airport, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport. The airport is located around 14 km from the central business district of Lusaka and connects Lusaka to many global destinations like Johannesburg, Amsterdam, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and Dubai.

Mazhandu Family Bus Service is one of the famed bus companies connecting Lusaka to other Zambian cities. The train connection of Lusaka extends to Livingstone and cities in Copperbelt but trains are slow.

Minibus is a prevalent option for local travel in Zambia. In addition, taxis and rental cars can also be hired.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Lusaka:

The culture of Lusaka is grand and colorful with many renowned museums, art galleries and convention centres. Kabwata Cultural Village is a typical place in Lusaka, where visitors can shop an array of nice Zambian traditional products with genuine African feel. Seafood is generally famous among both locals and visitors in Lusaka.


Things to do in Lusaka:

  • City tours
  • Visiting museum and ranches
  • Traditional shopping


Places to see in Lusaka:


Lusaka National Museum:

The Lusaka National Museum is one of the recommended places to visit in Lusaka. The museum was officially opened in 1996 with an objective of exhibiting the grand history and culture of Zambia, which are showcased in two galleries and storage rooms with well preserved artifacts and contemporary artworks.


The Anglican Cathedral:

The Anglican Cathedral in Lusaka is known for many of its reasons, historic and religious importance, magnificent construction, pleasant environment and striking tall stained glass windows. The church has been active since 1962.


Munda Wanga Environmental Park:

The Munda Wanga Environmental Park is a prominent wildlife sanctuary and environmental education centre, housing more than 45 different animal species and 1000 species of plants. There is also a nice bar and restaurant within the premise.


Henry Tayali Gallery:

Named after a renowned Zambian fine artist and sculptor, Henry Tayali Gallery is located in the city show ground and exhibits a nice collection of professional artworks. It is worth a visit.


Lilayi Lodge:

The Lilayi Lodge is a famous wildlife ranch in Lusaka, where visitors can involve themselves in game drives and walking. There is also a nice restaurant with Sunday buffet.


List of other places of interest in and around Lusaka include:

  • Parays Game Ranch
  • Kabwata Cultural Village
  • Pakati Sunday Market
  • Manda Hill
  • Chilenje House
  • Parays Game Farm Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Lower Zambezi National Park
  • The Lilayi Elephant Nursery
  • New Soweto Market
  • Chaminuka Game Reserve
  • Arcades Shopping Mall
  • Namwane Art Gallery
  • Sunday Crafts Market


Best time to visit Lusaka:

The climate of Lusaka is classified as humid subtropical, with warm winters and hot summers. Dry season from May to September is the right choice of most tourists visiting Lusaka.


Hotels in Lusaka:

Hotels are dozens in number in Lusaka, ranging from backpackers options to world class star rated hotels with a blend of modern and traditional Zambian facilities and services. Here are some selected hotels in Lusaka:

  • Radisson Blu Hotel Lusaka
  • Southern Sun Ridgeway
  • Taj Pamodzi Hotel
  • Protea Hotel Lusaka
  • Eight Reedbuck Hotel
  • Wayside Guest House
  • Blue Nile Inn Long Acres
  • Lima Garden Guest House
  • Grand Palace Hotel
  • Reed Mat Lodge
  • Kilimanjaro Country Lodge
  • Bird Nest Backpackers
  • Pioneer Lodge & Camp
  • Nomad’s Court Limited
  • Kalulu Backpackers Hostel

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