Mumias Tourist Places to Visit in Mumias, Kakamega, Kenya, Africa

Mumias Tourist Places to Visit in Mumias, Kakamega, Kenya, Africa

Mumias is a town belonging to the Kakamega County in the western part of Kenya, lying between 0°20′ N latitude and 34°29′ E longitude. It is the administrative centre of Mumias District, located around 400 km northwest of the national capital, Nairobi. Mumias also hosts some commercial establishments, mainly the Mumias Sugar Company, the prominent employer of the area. A hospital running by the Catholic Church, the St. Mary’s Hospital is situated five minutes drive from Mumias town centre and also there is a museum called the Nabongo Cultural Centre displaying the features of the Wanga Kingdom, is located in the outskirts of Mumias.


History of Mumias:

Mumias is especially noted as a town with strong historical background, which served as the capital of the Luhya kingdom of Wanga and the kingdom still also has some influence on local administration. Mumias was earlier called Lureko.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Mumias:

Muslims are greater in population in Kisumu and also Mumias is home to the Nabongo Cultural Centre, which describes the Wanga Kingdom, a ruler of the area since the historic period.

Kisumu houses many modernized shopping centres and food corners and for more specialized options, visitors can head towards nearby Kisumu city.


Things to do in Mumias:

  • Visiting museum Nabongo Cultural Centre
  • Day tours
  • Walking


Places of interest in Mumias:


Nabongo Cultural Centre:

The Nabongo Cultural Centre is situated in Matungu, at the outskirts of Mumias. This cultural centre was founded to exhibit the importance of the royal the Wanga Kingdom. It was inaugurated in 2008.


Mumias Sugar:

Being the main employer of Mumias, the Mumias Sugar is one of the identities of Mumias. Its sugar farms can be visited through a guided tour, where visitors can know the traditional methods used for sugarcane cultivation.


Lake Victoria:

The Lake Victoria is the largest lake by area in Africa with a surface area of 68,800 sq. km. It also holds the titles of the world’s largest tropical lake and the 2nd largest freshwater lake. The lake is shared between Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. In Kenya, Kisumu is the nearest city to the lake, located around 75 km away from Lake Victoria.


Kisumu Impala Sanctuary:

The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary situated in Kisumu is around 75 km away from Mumias. It is the smallest wildlife reserve in Kenya covering an area of 0.4 square miles and home to impala, reptiles and about 115 different bird species.


List of other places of interest near Mumias includes:

  • Town Clock in Kisumu
  • Kisumu Museum
  • Hippo Point
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Kit Mikayi
  • Lake Kanyaboli National Reserve
  • Kisumu Harbour
  • Musiara Swamp
  • Crescent Island Game Park
  • Crater Lake Game Sanctuary
  • Thimlich Ohinga Pre-Historic site
  • Lake Victoria
  • Ndere Island National Park
  • Ol Kinyei Conservancy
  • Amboseli National Park
  • Shaba National Reserve



Best time to visit Mumias:

Throughout the year is best, especially the months of January and February are ideal to visit Mumias.


Accommodation options in Mumias:

Mumias houses few standard accommodation centres, so it is advised for visitors to reach nearby Kakamega town or much larger Kisumu city to find star rated hotels. Buses are coming between these cities. Here are some prominent hotels in and around Mumias:

  • Golf Hotel Kakamega
  • KEEP Bandas at Kakamega Forest
  • Sheywe Guest House
  • Isecheno Blue Shouldered Guest House
  • Rondo Retreat Centre
  • Siaya Guest House
  • Savona Isle Resort
  • Scottish Tartan Hotel
  • New Victoria Hotel
  • Lake View Hotel
  • Alcazar Hotel Kisumu
  • Imperial Hotel Kisumu
  • Royal City Hotel
  • Salazar Hotel
  • Great Lakes Hotel

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