Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kasama, Zambia, Lusaka, South Africa, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kasama, Zambia, Lusaka, South Africa, Africa

Kasama is the capital city of the Northern Province of the southern African country Zambia. It is situated around 855 km northeast of the national capital, Lusaka. Kasama is a well known tourist destination, mainly noted for its spectacular natural attraction Chisimba Falls. Kasama has also become popular among tourists for its Stone Age rock art and Kasama Golf Course.

The Bemba tribe is one of the major ethnic communities inhabited Kasama and its surrounding areas, whose Paramount Chief Chitimukulu’s headquarters is located around 50 km from the centre of Kasama. Kasama coordinates with 10°12′42″ S latitude and 31°10′42″ E longitude and is located around 1400 meters above sea level.


How to reach Kasama?

Chipata Airport is the closest major airport to Kasama, located around 700 km north of the centre of Kasama. This airport is served by Proflight Zambia with flights from Lusaka and Mfuwe from Monday to Friday. Zambia’s prime airport, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka, is situated around 870 km southwest of Kasama.

The bus connection of Kasama extends only to northern Zambian cities. So tourists coming through Lusaka are advised to use rental car for comfort and safe travel.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Kasama:

Kasama is famous for Stone Age rock art, which is highly practiced in the surrounding villages of Kasama city.

Being a tourist favor city, Kasama is packed with plenty of traditional and modernized restaurants. There are also four bakeries, a local supermarket and many grocery stores in Kasama.


Things to do in Kasama:

  • Hiking
  • Traditional shopping
  • Golfing
  • Playing tennis and football


Tourist Attractions in Kasama:


Chisimba Falls:

The Chisimba Falls is the main reason for most tourists visiting Kasama. It is an amazing natural beauty, situated around 25 km from the heart of Kasama city. There are many well facilitated guest houses and resorts surrounding the waterfall.  The Chisimba Falls was added to the list of the Monuments and Historic Sites of Zambia.


Mutumuna Falls:

The Mutumuna Falls is situated a few hundred meters above the Chisimba Falls, around 25 km from Kasama city. Measuring a height of 20 meters, the Mutumuna Falls is also known for its sacred nature apart from its charm that is strongly believed by locals.


Kasama Golf Club:

The Kasama Golf Club holds a well built and maintained golf course and also offers tennis, volleyball, badminton and football game facilities for visitors.


Kasama Airport:

The Kasama Airport was built during the first World War I. Currently no flights serve the airport, although it is famous among both locals and visitors for its historic importance, nice construction and pleasant surroundings. The airport is situated around 8 km away from the city centre.


List of other places of interest near Kasama include:

    • North Luangwa National Park
    • Moto Moto Museum
    • Nsumbu National Park
    • Kapishya Hot Springs
  • Bangweulu Wetlands
  • Lavushi Manda National Park
  • Mweru Wantipa National Park
  • Sumbu National Park
  • Bangweulu Game Reserve
  • South Luangwa National Park


Best time to visit Kasama in Zambia:

As like most cities in Zambia, from May to June and October to November is the best and popular time to visit Kasama.


Hotels in and around Kasama:

Kasama is home to many classified tourist favor accommodation centres, including Chishimba Falls Resort and Kings Guest House. The below list includes hotels in the nearby cities and towns of Kasama:

  • Buffalo Camp
  • Kapishya Hot Springs Lodge
  • Luangwa North Camp
  • Mutinondo Wilderness
  • Ndole Bay Lodge
  • Bayama’s Lodge
  • Mwaleshi Camp
  • Isanga Bay Lodge
  • Luangwa Wilderness Lodge
  • King’s Highway Rest Camp
  • Mango Grove Lodge
  • Bangweulu Bay Lodge
  • Nkupi Lodge
  • Kutandala Camp

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