Best Tourist Places to Visit in Solwezi, Zambia, South Africa, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Solwezi, Zambia, South Africa, Africa

Solwezi is the capital city of the Zambian North-Western Province, lying between 12°11′00″ S latitude and 26°24′00″ E longitude. The city is located around 1,235 meters above sea level, near the DR Congo border, around 580 km northwest of the national capital, Lusaka. Solwezi is basically a commercial town, drawing a larger proportion of its economy from its two copper mines Kansanshi Mine and Lumwana Mine, located around 10 km north and 65 km west of the heart of the Solwezi city. Solwezi also hosts an airport.


History of Solwezi:

According to inscription found at Kifubwa Rock Stream Shelter, around 3 miles from the city centre, Solwezi has been inhabited since the late Stone Age. Mining activity started in Solwezi in the 19th century and geared up after the country’s independence in 1964.


Conenctivity to Solwezi:

Solwezi is home to a year round functioning airport with scheduled flights from Lusaka and Ndola, served by airline Proflight Zambia. The airport is situated within the city premise, around 2 km from the city centre.

The closest international airport to Solwezi is Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola (around 290 km from Solwezi) with active flight services from Addis Ababa, Johannesburg, Nairobi, Kasama, Lusaka and Mansa.

Solwezi can also be reached by bus from Ndola, Lusaka, Livingstone and other southern Zambian cities.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Solwezi:

Solwezi is a city with people belonging to different communities, dominated by Kaonde. Other major tribal groups live in Solwezi include Lunda and Luvale speaking people. Solwezi has some nice traditional as well as modernized shops and restaurants that are spread up all around the city.


Things to do in Solwezi:

  • Visiting copper mines
  • City tour
  • Walking


Places to see in Solwezi:


Copper mines in Solwezi:

Copper mines are mainly noted as the major revenue sources of Solwezi but in recent years those have also gained place in visitors’ interests list. For those who have interest in mineralogy and geography, Solwezi copper mines are a great site for them. Prior permission should be taken.


Solwezi Airport:

The Solwezi Airport is one of the few airports of Zambia having good infrastructure and offering well facilities for visitors. In addition to regular travelers, the airport is also frequented by visitors for its nice location and pleasant environment.



Chingola is a city with diverse tourist attractions, nonprofit organizations and sports venues, everything are excellent in condition, famous among both locals and visitors. Highlights include Nchanga Mines Open Pit, Nchanga Golf Course, and Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage. Chingola is situated around 170 km southeast of Solwezi and can be reached by bus or rental vehicle from Solwezi.


List of other places of interest near Solwezi include:

  • West Lunga National Park
  • Chimfunshi Wildlife Orphanage in Chingola
  • Kafue River
  • Nchanga Golf Course in Chingola
  • Nchanga Mines Open Pit in Chingola
  • Dag Hammarskjoeld Memorial
  • Mukuyu Slave Tree
  • Lake Chilengwa
  • Copperbelt Museum
  • Ndola Golf Course
  • Lake Chilengwa
  • Mukuyu Slave Tree
  • Levy Mwanawasa Sports Stadium


  • Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport in Ndola


Best time to visit Solwezi:

Like most cities and towns of Zambia, from May to September is the best time to visit Solwezi, when dry season runs, making city’s exploration easier.


Hotels in Solwezi:

Hotels are limited in number in Solwezi and two well known tourist favor hotels in Solwezi include Royal Solwezi Hotel and Kansanshi Hotel. For more hotels, visitors can drive towards the nearby cities Chingola (around 170 km from Solwezi, the first 4 hotels) and Kitwe (around 225 km from Solwezi, the rest of the hotels) that are given below:

  • Icon Hotel
  • Protea Hotel Chingola
  • Hibiscus Guest House
  • Nzipile Executive Guest House
  • Moba Hotel and Convention Centre
  • Hotel Edinburgh
  • Casa di Cichita
  • Lunte Lodge
  • Mukwa Lodge
  • Sherbourne Guest House
  • Nobutula Lodge
  • YMCA Norfred Hotel
  • Eagle Guesthouse
  • Shamba Lodge

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