Top Tourist Places to Visit in Mbala, Zambia, North Africa, Africa

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Mbala, Zambia, North Africa, Africa

Mbala is a town in the Northern Province of Zambia, located near Lake Tanganyika, around 1000 km northeast of Lusaka, the capital and largest city of Zambia. Mbala is located on the road leading it to the bordering country Tanzania. Mbala geographically coordinates with 8°50′ S latitude and 31°23′ E longitude and is located around 1670 meters above sea level.

Mbala is the location of famous Moto Moto Museum, a museum showcasing the local culture and tradition. Another highlight of Mbala is Mutomolo harvest thanksgiving ceremony, which is a popular traditional event taking place at Lake Chila. Mbala is also known as one of the gateways to Africa’s 2nd highest waterfall, Kalambo Falls.


History of Mbala:

According to the archeological findings found in the surrounding areas of Mbala, what is today’s Mbala was first inhabited around 300,000 years ago. David Livingstone was the first European to visit Mbala. During the British colonial period, Mbala was called by the name Abercorn.


How to reach Mbala?

Mbala has an airport but currently not in service and it may receive charter flights during peak tourist season. The nearest year round functioning airport to Mbala is Ndola Airport. This airport operates flights from Kasama, Lusaka, Mansa, Solwezi, Johannesburg, Addis Ababa and Nairobi. The airport is situated around 880 km southwest of Mbala city centre. Mbala is connected by bus to Lusaka and Kasama.

Minibuses, taxis and rental cars and bikes are the options for local travel in Mbala.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Mbala:

Mbala is famous for Mutomolo harvest thanksgiving ceremony, which is a colorful traditional event held at Lake Chila. Moto Moto Museum is another cultural highlight of Mbala. Mbala is home to both traditional and modernized shops and restaurants.


Things to do in Mbala:

  • Visiting museum
  • Visiting the nearby waterfalls
  • City tour
  • Shopping


Places to see in Mbala:


Moto Moto Museum:

The Moto Moto Museum is one of the highlights of Mbala, home to a nice collection of artifacts and artworks exhibiting Zambia’s culture and tradition. The first collection of this museum was collected in 1940 by a Canadian priest, Jean Jacques Corbeil. The museum receives its name from a French Catholic Bishop, Joseph Dupont, whose nickname was Moto Moto.


Kalambo Falls:

An enthralling natural spot, the Kalambo Falls is situated on the Zambia’s border with Tanzania, around 40 km from Mbala. The Kalambo Falls is considered as the second highest waterfall in Africa. It is worth a trip.


Sumbu National Park:

The Sumbu National Park, also called Nsumbu National Park, is a renowned national park with lodging and game viewing facilities, located around 100 km west of Mbala city. It is a paradise for nature and adventure sport lovers with different water sport activities like boat safaris, game drives, canoeing and sports fishing.


List of other places of interest near Mbala include:

  • Mweru Wantipa National Park
  • Lake Tanganyika
  • Chisimba Falls
  • Mutumuna Falls
  • North Luangwa National Park
  • Kapishya Hot Springs
  • Kasama Golf Club
  • South Luangwa National Park
  • Bangweulu Wetlands
  • Lavushi Manda National Park
  • Mweru Wantipa National Park
  • Sumbu National Park
  • Bangweulu Game Reserve


Best time to visit Mbala:

From June to September is the best and most popular time to travel Mbala, when the city receives relatively no rainfall and remains dry.


Hotels in Mbala:

Isanga Bay Lodge is one of the recommended hotels in Mbala offering nearly all upgraded amenities. Visitors are also advised to consider the nearby cities’ hotels for accommodation that are listed below:

  • Bayama’s Lodge in Mpika
  • Mango Grove Lodge in Mpika
  • Nkupi Lodge in Mpulungu
  • King’s Highway Rest Camp in Isoka
  • Kapishya Hot Springs Lodge in Mpika
  • Buffalo Camp in North Luangwa National Park
  • Kutandala Camp in North Luangwa National Park
  • Mutinondo Wilderness in North Luangwa National Park
  • Luangwa Wilderness Lodge in North Luangwa National Park
  • Mwaleshi Camp in North Luangwa National Park
  • Luangwa North Camp in North Luangwa National Park

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