Tourist Places to Visit in Bakau, Gambia, Banjul, Western Africa, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in Bakau, Gambia, Banjul, Western Africa, Africa

Bakau is a tourist favor town situated around 10 km west of the national capital, Banjul in Gambia, between 13°29′ N latitude and 16°41′ W longitude. Bakau is the Gambia’s most developed town, drawing loads of tourists throughout the world for its spectacular beaches, the crocodile pool Bakau Kachikally and botanical gardens. Bakau is situated 7 km north of Serrekunda, the largest city of Gambia. Bakau Primary School and Cape Point Hotel are the two prime landmarks of Bakau. Tourism is the backbone of Bakau’s economy, well contributed by hotels, restaurants and cafes.


History of Bakau:

Until the 19th century, Bakau was a small village and began to develop by gaining attention of colonial administrators for its pleasant weather and position on the coastal line. The Kachikally Crocodile Pool is also one of the main reasons for Bakau development.


Connectivity to Bakau:

As like the rest of Gambia, Bakau is also catered by Banjul International Airport, which is situated around 20 km south of the heart of Bakau. It is the only airport of Gambia, handling flights from, London, Amsterdam, Freetown, Lagos, Brussels, Conakry, Copenhagen, Oslo, Barcelona, Stockholm, Dakar, Dakar and Madrid.

Yellow taxis and bush taxis are the major local travel options Bakau.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Bakau:

Bakau is the hometown of many famous soccer players, including Amadou Sanyang, Kekuta Manneh and Njogu Demba-Nyrén.

Bakau Craft Market is the most famous shopping option in Bakau for traditional shopping. Some major tourist favor restaurants in Bakau are listed below:

  • Taj India
  • Calypso Bar and Restaurant
  • Rising Sun
  • Frank’s Hungarian Restaurant


Things to do in Bakau:

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  • Shopping


What to see in Bakau?


Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool:

The Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool is one of the top tourist attractions of Gambia, situated in the centre of Bakau. This sacred crocodile pool is managed by the Bojang family of Bakau and is home to around 80 Nile crocodiles of which Charlie is the most famous one. Visitors can touch all these holy crocodiles.


Beaches at Cape Point:

Bakau is a town with many renowned striking beaches including beaches at Cape Point. These beaches are frequented by nature and water sport lovers across Europe and Africa between December and March.


Independence Stadium:

The Independence Stadium is a multiuse stadium in Bakau, used for political events, music shows, trade fairs, highly for football matches. The stadium has a capacity of 30,000 spectators.


Botanical gardens in Bakau:

The Botanical gardens in Bakau is one of the highlights of both Gambia and Bakau as it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Gambia and is home to a wide range of flower and shrub species including tropical plants.


List of other places of interest in Bakau includes:

  • One For the Road Bar
  • Bakau Fish Market
  • Bakau Craft Market
  • Makasutu Culture Forest
  • Tanjii Bird Reserve
  • TAF Brufut Gardens
  • Sheraton Gambia Resort
  • Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve
  • Kunta Kinteh Island
  • Gambia National Museum
  • Kiang West National Park
  • Sanyang Beach
  • Gambia River National Park
  • MacCarthy Island


When to visit Bakau?

The best time to visit Bakau depends on visitors’ interest, although for outdoor activities including beach exploration, from December to May is the best time.


Where to stay in Bakau?

Compared to the other towns of Gambia, Bakau holds the highest number of modernized accommodation centres with superior facilities and services like swimming pool, airport shuttle, spa, sauna, fitness centre and conference hall. List of the prominent hotels in and around Bakau are as follows:

  • African Village Hotel
  • Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort
  • Sunbeach Hotel & Resort
  • Garden Guest House
  • Bakau Guest House
  • Kachikally Holiday Inn
  • Cape Point Hotel
  • Roc Heights Lodge
  • African Heritage Guesthouse
  • Jabo Guest House
  • Limbas Accommodation
  • Bakau Lodge
  • Bamboo Garden Hotel
  • Luigi’s Complex
  • Lemon Creek Hotel Resort

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