Tourist Places to Visit in In Salah, Algeria, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in In Salah, Algeria, Africa

In Salah, also called Ain Salah, is a desert town located in the province of Tamanrasset in Algeria, around 650 km northwest of the provincial capital, Tamanrasset and 1270 km south of the national capital, Algeria. The name In Salah literally means ‘good well’. Covering a total area of 32,518 sq. km, In Salah is geographically positioned between 27°11′42″ N latitude and 2°29′0″ E longitude.

The Oil and gas reserves are the pillars of the In Salah’s economy and the Salah is also famous for the production of dates, fruits and vegetables. The commune of In Salah is made up of 11 localities including the town In Salah itself. In Salah features a hot desert climate with an average annual precipitation of 16 millimeters and its winters are mild and summer are very hot.


How to reach In Salah?

In Salah is served by In Salah Airport with connection to the national capital Algiers and the provincial capital Tamanrasset, served by Air Algerie. The distance of 10 km from the airport to the town centre can be crossed by taxi or minibuses.

The Trans-Sahara Highway leads In Salah to Tamanrasset, Ghardaïa and Algiers and In Salah is connected to the cities of In Ghar and Reggane through the N52.

In Salah houses many travel agencies offering rental cars and bikes for local travel.


Shopping and Food in In Salah:

In Salah houses few modernized shops but traditional shops are spread up all around the town with colorful handmade clothes, carpets and other daily usable items.

Some nice restaurants near In Salah in Tamanrasset are as follows:

  • Restaurant Nina
  • Restaurant Tassili
  • Restaurant Chelia


Things to do in In Salah:

  • Hiking
  • Shopping
  • Village tours


Places of interest in In Salah:


The city gate of In Salah:

The city gate of In Salah is nearly triangle in shape welcoming tourists coming from the different regions of the country throughout the year. One can bring camera and take some photos.


Ahaggar National Park:

The Ahaggar National Park is situated to the southeast of the In Salah coming under the province of Tamanrasset. The highlights of the park include Mount Tahat (2,908 metres) and Assekrem where visitors can see a hermitage established by Charles de Foucauld in the year 1912.


Tassili n’Ajjer National Park:

The Tassili n’Ajjer National Park belongs to the province of Tamanrasset, is located to the southeast of In Salah. It receives a large number of tourists during summer months for its prehistoric rock art and many other Neolithic era archaeological sites. Better, if visitors can take a guided tour to explore the park.


In Salah Airport:

In Salah Airport is located around 10 km away from the centre of the town of In Salah. It is a domestic airport featuring all basic facilities.


List of other places of interest in and around In Salah include:

  • Municipal stadium
  • Mosque in In Salah
  • Tuat
  • Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma
  • Notre Dame d’Afrique
  • La Rue Didouche Mourad
  • Memorial du Martyr
  • La Grande Poste d’Alger
  • Musee National du Bardo
  • Musee des Antiquites
  • Le Port de Sidi Fredj
  • Tombeau de la chretienne
  • Le Musee National Des Beaux Arts
  • Museum of Modern Art Algiers
  • Cathedrale du Sacre Coeur


Best time to visit In Salah:

The best time to visit In Salah depends on visitors’ interest and for outdoor activities, visitors can chose any summer month between May and September.


Accommodation options in and around In Salah:

There are few tourist favor accommodation centres in In Salah, so it is advised for visitors to reach the city of Adrar for more facilitated hotels which is around 340 km southwest of In Salah. The prominent hotels in and around In Salah in Algeria are as follows:

  • Complexe Touristique Saharien Bois Petrifie
  • Mraguen Hotel
  • Djenane Malek
  • Bab Sahara
  • Hotel Ksar Massine
  • Auberge Inimi
  • Hotel Gourara
  • Auberge Caravane de Tergit


About Jijel:

Jijel is a coastal town situated on the Mediterranean Sea in the Jijel Province of Algeria, around 320 km east of the national capital, Algiers. It is a tourist favor town drawing a large group of tourists during summer months for its fine sand beaches, Phoenician tombs and eye-catching landscapes. Jijel is a noted as a trade centre, specialized in steelmaking and cork processing. Jijel is also known for fishing.

Jijel is home to a university, named The Jijel University and mosques, a hospital, many hotels and restaurants. Jijel geographically coordinates with 36°49′ N latitude and 05°46′ E longitude.


History of Jijel:

According to the prehistoric evidences found in the area, Jijel was originally settled by Berbers tribes, mainly the Kutama. Originally identified as a Phoenician trading post, as like other cities and towns of Algeria, Jijel also continuously changed the hands of Romans, the Vandals, the Arabs, the Ottomans and finally the French until Algeria gained emancipation from France in 1962.


Connectivity to Jijel:

Jijel Ferhat Abbas Airport is the airport serving Jijel with scheduled flights from and to Algiers and Paris, catered by Air Algérie and Air Méditerranée respectively.

There are taxis generally available at the airport and also one can use pre-booked private transfer for comfort and convenient airport travel. The airport is situated 15 km away from the midpoint of Jijel.

By bus, Jijel has a good connectivity to all the major northern Algerian cities.


Shopping and Food in Jijel:

Being a beach town, Jijel houses many modernized restaurants and cafes of most are located on the beach line of the town.

Carpets and handmade clothes are purchasable in Jijel and also all the major shops in town accept credit cards for visitors’ convenience.


Things to do in Jijel:

  • Beach exploration
  • Swimming
  • Shopping


What to see in Jijel?


Beaches in Jijel:

Beaches are the highlights of Jijel, all are white sandy beaches offering opportunities of different water sport activities including swimming. Also there are many restaurants and cafes lined up on the beach.


Taza National Park:

Situated around 30 km away from Jijel, the Taza National Park is biosphere reserve recognized by UNESCO. Its features include the caves with archeological importance, sand beaches, cliffs and grottoes. Established in 1985, the park is especially noted for the endangered monkey speices, Barbary Macaque. The park has a total area of 3,807 km².


The Jijel University:

The Jijel University is the main educational as well as cultural centre of Jijel known for providing quality education and organizing regular cultural events showcasing the city’s culture.


Port of Jijel:

The port of Jijel is located at Djen Djen, located around 7 miles away from the town of Jijel. It can be reached by rental vehicles like sooty or car from the town centre.


Mosques of Jijel:

Holding a greater majority of Muslim population, Jijel is home to many historical as well as recently built beautiful mosques.


List of the other tourist attractions in Jijel includes:

  • Nouna
  • El Kala National Park
  • Beaches in Annaba
  • The Bone War Cemetery
  • Church of Saint-Augustine of Hippo
  • Eddoug National Park
  • Amusement Park in Les Allemends in Annba


When to visit in Jijel?

Throughout the year is best, especially during the summer months between May and September is best to visit Jijel to explore beaches.


Where to stay in Jijel?

As like the rest of Algeria, Jijel houses limited number of modernized hotels, so it is advised for visitors to book hotels well in advance prior to reaching the city through online. Here are some hotels in and around Jijel:

  • Residence Ets Khenifra
  • Le Cristal Hotel
  • Hotel Belle Vue
  • Novotel Constantine
  • Ibis Constantine
  • Hotel Hocine
  • Hotel Es-Salem
  • Arc En Ciel
  • Panoramic Hotel

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