Algeria Tourist Attractions, North Africa

Algeria Tourist Attractions, North Africa

Algeria is an African country situated in the northern part of the Africa at 28° N 2° E. In terms of area, Algeria is the 10th largest country in the world (2,381,741 square kilometers) and it ranks 35th in the global population list (37.9 million). The Government of Algeria follows the semi-presidential system comprising of 48 provinces. Algeria is one of the member countries of OPEC, the Arab League, the United Nations and many other international organizations.

The economy of Algeria is concentrated on oil resources and Algeria is home to the government-owned and the largest oil company in Africa, Sonatrach. Algiers is the capital and largest city of Algeria and the next five largest cities of Algeria are:

  • Oran
  • Constantine
  • Sétif
  • Annaba
  • Blida

History of Algeria:

Algeria got its name from its capital city Algiers, which received its name from the Arabic word al-Jazā’ir, meaning “the Islands”. Many ancient civilizations, including Aterian and Capsian cultures grew up in Algeria and after the civilizations’ period, Algeria witnessed the rule of many dynasties and empires, including Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. Algeria came under the French rule in 1830 that ended in 1962 with the Independence of Algeria from them.


How to reach Algeria?

The Houari Boumediene Airport in Algeria is the gateway to Algeria, handling flights from Paris, Toulouse, Lille, Dubai, Frankfurt, Geneva, Istanbul, Beijing, New York, Montreal and many other global destinations.

A list of the other major international airports in Algeria includes:

  • Rabah Bitat Airport
  • Mohamed Boudiaf Airport
  • Noumérat – Moufdi Zakaria Airport

As like most other countries, buses are the primary mode of local transportation in the cities of Algeria including capital city Algiers.

SNTF is the national railway operators providing upgraded trains for both local and intercity and interstate travel.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Algeria:

Arabic is the official and a widely communicated language in Algeria. Around 99% of the population of Algeria is formed by Muslims and Algeria is also home to a Christian minority.

The cuisine of Algeria is famous all over Africa and some of the food items practiced in Algeria include chorba, couscous, Berkoukes, Chakhchoukha, Mthewem and Chtitha.

Dinar is the currency used in Algeria.


What to see in Algeria?

Maqam Echahid:

The Maqam Echahid is a symbolic monument located in Algiers. It commemorates the Algerian war for independence and was revealed on the 20th anniversary of the freedom of Algeria in 1982. It shapes three erecting palm leaves.


Our lady of Africa:

Our lady of Africa or Notre Dame d’Afrique was built by Charles Lavigerie, opened in 1872. This catholic basilica is huge in size, situated in Algiers, the capital of Algeria. It was designed by architect Jean Eugène Fromageau.


Beni Hammad Fort:

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Beni Hammad Fort is a ruined fortified city situated in the vicinity of the town, Maadid, around 220 kilometers from the capital, Algiers. It was the original capital of the Hammadid dynasty.


Gouraya National Park:

Lying on the Mediterranean coast of Algeria, Gouraya National Park is spread over an area of 20.8 square kilometers and was established in 1984. Béjaïa is the closest city to GNP. The highlights of the park include Béjaïa from which the park owed its name, beaches and cliffs.


Ketchaoua Mosque:

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ketchaoua Mosque is one of top religious sites as well as tourist attractions of Algeria. Constructed in 1612, the mosque features the Moorish and Byzantine architectural style.


List of the other tourist attractions in Algeria includes:

  • Tassili n’Ajjer
  • Basilique Saint Augustin
  • Great Mosque of Tlemcen
  • Bardo National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnography
  • Ahmed Zabana National Museum
  • Museum of Antiquities


When to visit Idlib in Algeria?

Algeria features Mediterranean climate with mild winters and very hot summers and an annual precipitation ranging from 400 to 670 millimeters. The best time to visit Algeria is from May to September.


Where to stay in Algeria?

The hospitality industry Algeria is mainly focused on the Algiers city where one can get luxury hotels between € 150 and € 250 per day and budget hotels between € 10 and € 45. Here are some upgraded and tourist favor hotels in Algiers in Algeria:

  • El Aurassi Hotel
  • Hilton Alger
  • Palace Appart Hotel
  • Sofitel Algiers Hamma Garden
  • Dar Diaf Bouchaoui
  • Safir Hotel Alger
  • Hotel Oasis
  • Abassides Palace
  • Amsterdam Hotel
  • Hotel ABC
  • Hotel Hammamet Alger
  • Hotel Dar El Ikram
  • Dar Diaf Alger
  • El Riadh Hotel

Hotel Grand Adghir

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