Tebessa Tourist Places to Visit in Tebessa, Algeria, North Africa, Africa

Tebessa Tourist Places to Visit in Tebessa, Algeria, North Africa, Africa

Tebessa is a city and the capital of the province of Tébessa in the northeastern Algeria, near the border of Tunisia with Algeria. It is especially noted for the traditional Algerian carpets and phosphate mine. Tebessa is also known for Roman sights like Arch of Caracalla and Amphitheatre. Tebessa covers a total area of 14,227 sq. km and coordinates with 35°24′ N latitude and 8°7′ E longitude. Tebessa is located around 580 km southeast of Algiers, the capital of Algeria.

Tebessa lies around 858 meters above sea level and features a semi-arid climate with mild and wet winters and dry and hot summers.

History of Tebessa:

Tebessa is one of the oldest cities of Algeria, existed even before the Ancient Greeks when it was called by the name Thebeste. It came under the rule of Roman Empire in 146. Following the Roman rule, Tebessa was occupied by the Ottomans and finally by the French in 1851 and ruled until the independence of Algeria in 1962.


How to reach Tebessa?

Tebessa is connected by air to the national capital, Algiers, served by Air Algérie. The Tébessa Airport or Cheikh Larbi Tébessi Airport is located around 3 km away from the heart of the city of Tebessa.

There are buses regularly plying between bordering Tunisian cities and Tebessa and Tebessa can also be reached by bus from Algeria, Constantine, Annaba and other Algerian cities.

To move within the city, buses are highly used in Tebessa and rental vehicles are also accessible.


Shopping and Food in Tebessa:

Tebessa is culturally rich city and its population is dominated by Muslim people who cover more than 90% population of the city.

Shops in Tebessa range from groceries to gadget stores with a wide variety of upgraded products. Restaurants are plenty, mainly traditional food corners, spread up all around the city of Tebessa.


Things to do in Tebessa:

  • City tours
  • Exploring archeological sites
  • Hiking


What to see in Tebessa?


Arch of Caracalla:

Dating from the Roman period around 214 AD, the Arch of Caracalla is a triumphal arch and one of the historical identities of Tebessa known for its historic significance beginning of the Roman period to French rule.


The Roman Amphitheatre:

The Roman Amphitheatre is a well preserved archeological site allowed for visitors year round. This partially ruined prehistoric site can be reached by walk from the city centre.


The basilica of St. Crispinus:

The basilica of St. Crispinus dates from 4th century AD, is currently in a ruined condition, housing catacombs, gardens and chapels. It is one of the biggest of its kind in Africa.


Archaeological Museum:

The Archaeological Museum in Tebessa is a place where visitors can know the complete archeological history of Tebessa with well preserved artifacts.


Temple of Minerva;

The Temple of Minerva features the adorned wall by mosaics and was constructed in early 3rd century AD. It can be explored best through a guided tour.


A list of the other tourist attractions in Tebessa includes:

  • Byzantine walls
  • El Kala National Park
  • Beaches in Annaba
  • Church of Saint-Augustine of Hippo
  • The Bone War Cemetery
  • Eddoug National Park
  • 1st November Stadium
  • Belezma National Park
  • Scholar Stadium
  • Les allées Benboulaïd
  • Balcons de Ghoufi
  • Stade Seffouhi
  • Timgad


When to visit in Tebessa?

Throughout the year is best, especially the summer months between May and September would be ideal to travel Tebessa in Algeria.


Where to stay in Tebessa?

It is difficult to find more number of modernized hotels in Tebessa, so it is suggested for visitors to drive towards Constantine or Annaba or any other northern cities located on the coastline of the country to enjoy memorable hospitality services. Here are some upgraded hotels in and around Tebessa:

  • Hotel El Emir
  • Hotel Le Majestic
  • Rym el Djamil
  • Hotel El Mouna
  • Mimosa Palace
  • Golden Tulip Sabri
  • Hotel El Mouna
  • Hotel Seybouse International
  • Ibis Constantine
  • Hotel Es-Salem
  • Arc En Ciel
  • Panoramic Hotel
  • El Mouradi Hammam Bourguiba
  • Hotel Belle Vue
  • Novotel Constantine

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