Tourist Places to Visit in Borama, Awdal, Somalia, West Africa, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in Borama, Awdal, Somalia, West Africa, Africa

Borama, also called Borame, is the capital city of the Awdal region in the northwestern part of Somalia, situated around 120 km northwest of the city of Hargeisa and 1600 km northwest of  Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. It is located close to the Ethiopian border between 9°55′59″ N latitude and 43°10′54″ E longitude. Due to its position in the mountainous region, Borama is blessed with green meadows and fields that attract both wildlife and tourists in a larger proportion year round. Borama is home to the renowned Amoud University. The climate of Borama is classified as local steppe climate and the geographical coordinates of Borama are 9°55′59″ N 43°10′54″ E.


History of Borama:

The history of Borama is very long and grand, covering almost 800 years, highlighted by the rule of the Adal Sultanate during the Middle Ages. In the beginning of the 20th century, Borama fell under the British reign as a part the British Somaliland protectorate. For a short period, during the World War II, Borama once had become a part of the Italians and but came back under the British rule following the war and finally got emancipation on 26 June 1960.


How to reach Borama?

The Borama Airport is the airport serving Borama city with a less number of scheduled flights. It would be better if visitors first reach Hargeisa International Airport and then they can choose taxi or wait until the arrival of bus to Borama. The Hargeisa International Airport is the second largest airport of Somalia, following the Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu and is situated around 150 km southeast of Borama, operating flights from/to Djibouti, Dubai, Mogadishu, Nairobi, Sharjah, Addis Ababa, Bosaso, Jeddah and Berbera.

The local transportation of Borama is catered by bus, taxis and rental cars.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Borama:

Borama houses a higher learning centre, Amoud University and especially, there is a school for deaf children in Borama that is first of its kind in Somalia.

Food practiced in Borama is relatively similar to other parts of Somaliland and the varieties are laxoox, cereal and soup called maraq. Borama is home to both modern and traditional shops.


Things to do in Borama:

  • Hiking
  • City tours
  • Traditional shopping


What to see in Borama?


Scenic spots of Borama:

Borama is the site of full of greeneries that covers city area also. This typical feature of Borama attracts a large number of birds and animals like gazelle and camels throughout the year, which resulted into the growth of tourists coming to the city in recent years.


Rays Hotel in Borama:

The Rays Hotel in Borama is the first modern hotel of the city. Apart from its amenities, the hotel is famous among visitors for its eye-catching construction and lavishly landscaped surroundings.


Amoud University:

The Amoud University is a recognized university established in the year 1997. It is the first higher educational institution to be founded after the civil war of Somalia. The university is not only improved as providing quality education but also holds reputation in blending the different cultures and communities in the region.



Hargeisa is the most important city of the Somaliland region, housing nearly an equal number of manmade and natural tourist attractions that are spread up all around the city and even in the outskirts. Some famous attractions in Hargeisa include MiGJet (war monument), Naasa-Hablood hills, the University of Hargeisa, a provincial museum, a menagerie and a cave and rock paintings complex, Laas Gaal.


Other places of interest in Borama include:

  • Borama International Airport
  • Port of Berbera
  • Beaches in Berbera
  • NASA Runway in Berbera
  • National Museum of Somalia in Mogadishu
  • National Museum of Somalia in Mogadishu
  • The Governor’s Palace of Mogadishu


When to visit Borama?

Borama generally experiences a dry climate year round and the best months to visit Borama are January, February, June and August.


Where to stay in Borama?

Borama houses some nice modernized hotels, of which recommendable options are Rays Hotel Borama, Hotel Nasimo and Hotel Cape Town. For more options, visitors can also find hotels in Hargeisa (around 120 km from Borama) that are listed below:

  • Rays Hotel Borama
  • Hotel Nasimo
  • Hotel Cape Town
  • Hadhwanaag Hotel
  • Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa
  • Maan-Soor Hotel
  • Oriental Hotel
  • Safari Hotel
  • Deero Hotel

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