Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Eyl (Eil), Nugal, North Africa, Africa

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Eyl (Eil), Nugal, North Africa, Africa

Eyl is a Somali town, situated in the Nugal province in the northern part of the nation, around 1160 km northeast of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. It comes under the autonomous Puntland macro-region, functioning as the administrative centre of Eyl District. Being an ancient town, Eyl holds many famous historical sites, including Daarta Sayyidka Dervish Fort, drawing tourists from the different regions of the country year round. Eyl coordinates with 7°58′00″ N latitude and 49°51′00″ E longitude.


History of Eyl:

Although an ancient town, the real history of Eyl begins in the early 20th century as a stronghold for Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan’s Dervish forces. The town still houses many remains dating from that period and even also from Italian reign. The Italians acquired the town following Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan’s rule.


Conenctivity to Eyl:

There is an airport in Eyl but flights are not scheduled. The major closest airport to Eyl is Bender Qassim International Airport in Bosaso. This airport is located around 450 km north of Eyl and operates flights to/from Aden, Berbera, Galkayo, Mogadishu, Nairobi, Wajir and Hargeisa. The Hargeisa International Airport is located around 840 km west of Eyl with flights from Djibouti, Dubai, Mogadishu, Sharajah, Nairobi and many other African and Middle Eastern cities.

Minibuses and rental bikes are highly used for local travel in Eyl.


Food and Shopping in Eyl:

There are few standard restaurants in Eyl, of which most are traditional options, offering some nice Somali and other African cuisine.

Shops are also limited in Eyl. Credit card is not everywhere accepted, so advised to bring some local currency prior to reaching the town.


Things to do in Eyl:

  • Visiting historical sites
  • Day tours
  • Walking


Places to see in Eyl:


Daarta Sayyidka Dervish Fort:

The Daarta Sayyidka Dervish Fort is a partially ruined historic fort belonged to Sayyid Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, who ruled Eyl in the early 20th century. Fort is allowed for visitors and taking an aid of locals would be helpful for easier exploration of fort.


Italian establishments in Eyl:

Visitors to Eyl are welcomed by the colonial edifices constructed during the Italian rule in the town, of which many are well preserved, showcasing the significance of the Italian architecture.


Beaches near Eyl:

Eyl is not on the coastline, but not far from it. Beaches near Eyl are white sandy, would be a half day trip for first time visitors. There are shops difficult to find near the beach, so visitors can bring some food packets and other necessities to enjoy the trip.


Eyl Airport:

The Eyl Airport is a small airport, few kilometers away from the town centre. It can be reached by a rental vehicle.


List of other places of interest in and around Eyl includes:

  • Bender Qassim International Airport in Bosaso
  • Beaches of Bosaso
  • Port of Bosaso
  • The city of Hargeisa
  • Beaches in Berbera
  • Amoud University in Borama
  • National Museum of Somalia in Mogadishu
  • The Governor’s Palace of Mogadishu
  • National Museum of Somalia in Mogadishu
  • Borama International Airport
  • Port of Berbera
  • NASA Runway in Berbera


Best time to visit Eyl:

Eyl generally experiences relatively hot climate year round and the best time to visit Eyl is from May to October.


Accommodation options in Eyl:

Eyl houses few modernized hotels, so for upgraded options, visitors can consider hotels in nearby cities, advised to reach Bosaso and Hargeisa. The prominent hotels in Bosaso (around 450 km from Eyl) and Hargeisa (around 840 km from Eyl) are listed below:

  • Hotel Huruuse in Bosaso
  • Hotel Juba in Bosaso
  • The Tropical in Bosaso
  • The International Village Hotel in Bosaso
  • Hadhwanaag Hotel in Hargeisa
  • Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa in Hargeisa
  • Maan-Soor Hotel in Hargeisa
  • Oriental Hotel in Hargeisa
  • Safari Hotel in Hargeisa
  • Deero Hotel in Hargeisa

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