Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Houn (Hun), Fezzan, Jufra, Libya, Africa

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Houn (Hun), Fezzan, Jufra, Libya, Africa

Hun, also called Houn, is a town belonging to the Fezzan region of Libya, lying around 259 meters above sea level. It is the administrative centre of the Jufra District. Hun is well known for the “International Autumn Tourism Festival”, which generally takes place in the month of September annually. The city of Hun is surrounded by widely spread sand dunes, date palm trees and black basalt mountains. Hun is situated around 620 km southeast of Tripoli, the capital of Libya. Hun is geographically positioned between 29°07′16″ N latitude and 15°56′25″ E longitude.


History of Houn:

There is no exact theory about the foundation of Hun. The recorded history of Hun starts with the Turkish rule in what is today’s Hun probably in the 17th century. Hun also came under the Italian rule in the 20th century, and then Hun served as the capital of Territorio del Sahara Libico region of Italian Libya.


How to get Hun?

There is an airport in Houn but that is mainly used military purposes. Ghardabiya Air Base in Sirte is the nearest major airport to Houn, located around 270 km northeast of the heart of Houn. This airport is catered by Air Libya Tibesti, Libyan Airlines and Tunisair with scheduled flight services from Tripoli.

Houn is connected to the cities of Sirte towards the north and Sabha towards the south by public bus services.

Culture, Food and Shopping in Houn:

Houn is culturally rich city with an annual event ‘International Autumn Tourism Festival’, which organized at the end of September. International retail outlets and food corners are less in number in Houn, but the city houses numerous upgraded shops and restaurants.


Things to do in Houn:

  • Visiting historic part of Houn
  • Traditional shopping
  • Hiking


Tourist Attractions in Houn:



Waddan is the nearby town of Houn, situated around 23 km east of Houn. It is a town with many historic attractions dating from the Turkish and Italian rule. Its ruined ksar and many mosques are also popular among tourists. There are many tour operators in Houn offering tour of Waddan.


Natural attractions in Houn:

Houn is a city with many natural attractions that are located on the outskirts of the city. Natural springs and date palm trees are the few examples for Houn’s abundant natural attractions.


Old town of Houn:

Like Libyan cities, Houn was built several times by many European and Arab empires. Those areas are still good in condition and have become famous as picnic spots and sightseeing points.


List of other places of interest in and around Houn include:

  • Sokna
  • Sirte
  • Sabha
  • Tripoli’s Medina
  • Martyrs’ Square in Tripoli
  • Arebi Dive Center in Tripoli
  • Tripoli’s Red Castle in Tripoli
  • Pottery Stalls of Gharyan in Tripoli
  • The Arch of Marcus Aurelius in Tripoli
  • Tripoli’s Jamahiriya Museum


Best time to visit Houn:

Generally from November to May is the best time to visit Houn (Hun) in Libya, when the remains pleasant and supportive for outdoor activities.


Hotels in and around Houn:

Houn is home to an upgraded hotel and a hostel, except this, modernized hotels are difficult to find in Houn. To find more facilitated hotels, visitors are advised to drive towards the national capital, Tripoli. The below list includes hotels in Tripoli (around 620 km from Houn):

  • Burj Almadina Hotel
  • Hotel Al Mehari
  • Aldeyafa Hotel
  • Diplomatic Hotel
  • Bab Al Bahr Hotel
  • Janzour Tourist Village
  • Adhahra Palace Hotel
  • Rixos Al Nasr Tripoli
  • Four Points by Sheraton Tripoli
  • JW Marriott Hotel Tripoli
  • Four Seasons 2
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • An-Naher Hotel
  • Sahara Libya Hotel

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