Places to Visit in Cape Coast, Ghana, Central Africa, Africa

Places to Visit in Cape Coast, Ghana, Central Africa, Africa

Cape Coast, also called as Cabo Corso, is a port city and the administrative centre of the Central Region of Ghana. It is in the southern part of the country, around 150 km southwest of Accra, the capital and largest city of Ghana. Cape Coast is one of the recognized tourist attractions of Ghana, mainly famous for its beaches, forts and Asafo Shrine. Cape Coast is also noted for the University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast Polytechnic and St. Augustine College. Cape Coast coordinates with 05°06′00″ N latitude and 01°15′00″ W longitude.


History of Cape Coast:

According to the documented history, the people of Oguaa were the founder of Cape Coast and the real history of Cape Coast starts with the arrival of the Swedish in the 16th century, who constructed the Cape Coast castle, around which what is today’s Cape Coast city grew up.


How to reach Cape Coast?

Cape Coast is served by the Takoradi Airport, located around 80 km away from the midpoint of Cape Coast. This airport receives flights only from the national capital, Accra, so it would be better if international tourists choose Accra International Airport to land in Ghana and then they can take bus or taxi at the airport to the centre of Cape Coast.

By bus, Cape Coast is linked to all the major cities of the country including the national capital, Accra.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Cape Coast:

Cape cast is home to Cape Coast Centre for National Culture and also famous for two grand annual events like Oguaa Fetu Afahye harvest festival and the biennial Panafest theatre festival.

Generally clothes, gift items and books are inexpensive items in Cape cast. Some high end tourist favor restaurants in Cape cast include:

  • Hayford Lounge and Bar
  • Oasis Beach Resort Restaurant
  • Kokodo Restaurant
  • Castle Restaurant


Things to do in Cape Coast:

  • Ghana Home Tours
  • Festival celebrations
  • Shopping


What to see in Cape Coast?


Cape Coast Castle:

The Cape Coast Castle is a symbolic structure, which gained place on the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s list. It is allowed for visitors and also provided guided tour, which takes around 45 minutes to explore. The people of Oguaa were the orginal founder of the castle and later it continuously changed the hands of the Swedish, the Dutch and the British.


Fort William:

The Fort William is a historic fort constructed in the year 1820 and was used as a lighthouse from 1835 to the 1970s. Currently it has gained prominence as a tourist attraction.


Beaches in Cape Coast:

Lying on the coastal line of the country, Cape Coast houses many attractive sandy beaches, which are lined by restaurants and café with a wide choice of international menus.


University of Cape Coast:

Being one of the leading universities of Ghana, the University of Cape Coast is specialized in various teaching and research courses. The university features the University Library complex, Education Lecture Theatre and Science Yard.


Cape Coast Centre for National Culture:

The Cape Coast Centre for National Culture is concentrated on showcasing the Cape Coast’s and Ghana’s culture. It is located on the Cape Coast -Takoradi Highway.


List of other places of interest in Cape Coast includes:

  • Victoria Fort
  • Augustine College
  • Aggrey Memorial Senior High School
  • Asafo Shrines
  • Kakum National Park
  • Monkey Forest Resort
  • International Stingless Bee Centre


When to visit Cape Coast?

Generally ending and beginning months of the year are ideal to travel beach city Cape Coast in Ghana.


Where to stay in Cape Coast?

Cape Coast houses all sorts of accommodation centres of which the most are beach hotels providing all latest facilities and services like spa, sauna, fitness centre and arrangement of recreational activities. List of the famous hotels in Cape Coast include:

  • Oasis Beach Resort
  • Mighty Victory Hotel
  • Brenu Beach Lodge
  • Elmina Beach Resort
  • Sanaa Lodge
  • Marrets International
  • Biriwa Beach Hotel
  • Baobab Guesthouse
  • Kokodo Guest House
  • Nana Bema Hotel
  • Nokaans Hotel
  • Alberta’s Palace Beach Resort
  • Arafynn Guesthouse
  • Prospect Lodge
  • Pedu Guest House
  • Hexagon Guest House

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