Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo, Ghana, Africa

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Sunyani, Brong-Ahafo, Ghana, Africa

Sunyani is the capital city of the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana, geographically positioned at 07°20′ N 02°20′ W. It is situated around 300 meters above sea level, around 350 km northwest of Accra, the capital of Ghana. Sunyani is identified as a nature tourist destination with waterfalls and sanctuaries surrounding the city. Sunyani is also famous for cathedrals, historic buildings and pleasant climate.

The University of Energy and Natural Resources and the Sunyani Polytechnic are the major educational institutions and the Sunyani General Hospital is the prime health centre of Sunyani. Agricultural activities play major role in Sunyani’s economy.


History of Sunyani:

Sunyani originated as an elephant hunters’ outpost camp in the 19th century and the name of Sunyani derived from the Akan language term. Sunyani gained prominence in the 20th century during the British rule with the construction of a road that connected Sunyani to the historical city Kumasi.


How to reach Sunyani?

Sunyani has an airport but connection is only limited to the national capital, Accra. The airport is situated around 5 km away from the heart of the city.

The road transportation of Sunyani has extended to all the major cities of the country including Accra, Kumasi and Cape Coast.

Taxicab, public buses and rental cars are the options to get around Sunyani and to reach sightseeing spots.


Culture, Shopping and Food in Sunyani:

Sunyani is the site of many recognized educational institutions like the University of Energy and Natural Resources, the Catholic University of Ghana and the Sunyani Polytechnic.

For shopping, Sunyani offers plenty of modernized shopping centres with a wide range of branded as well as local specialties like colorful baskets, bags and clothes. Restaurant within The Eusbett Hotel is famous among visitors in Sunyani.


Things to do in Sunyani:

  • Visiting the Catholic University of Ghana
  • Shopping
  • Exploring waterfalls


Tourist Attractions in Sunyani:


The Cocoa House:

The Cocoa House is one of the major landmarks as well as tourist attractions of Sunyani. It is also one of the tallest buildings of the city.


Sunyani Cathedral:

The Sunyani Cathedral is the major religious site of Sunyani, frequented by people belonging to all religion groups. The cathedral is famous for both its construction and holiness.


Kintampo Waterfalls:

Paradise on the earth, the Kintampo Waterfalls is a hidden gem, situated a few hours away from Sunyani. It is Ghana’s one of the highest waterfalls, receiving waters from Pumpum river. The longest drop of the waterfall falls from the height of 25 meters.



Fiema is a village belonging to Nkoranza North District, few kilometers away from Sunyani. The settlement is widely noted for its Boabeng-Fiema monkey sanctuary, which house around 700 monkeys and those monkeys live along with people who live in the village.


Other attractive places in Sunyani include:

  • Queen of Peace Building
  • Knight of St. John House
  • Sunyani General Hospital
  • University of Energy and Natural Resources
  • Sunyani Polytechnic
  • Sacred Heart Catholic Church
  • St Peter’s Cathedral Basilica
  • Ghana Armed Forces Museum
  • Prempeh II Jubilee Museum
  • Fort Kumasi
  • Manhyia Palace


Ideal time to visit Sunyani:

Throughout the year is best, especially during the dry months between November and February is ideal to visit Sunyani in Ghana.


Where to stay in Sunyani?

Sunyani is an upgraded city, housing 3 star rated hotels, 15 BB and inns, and planty of guest houses, of which the most offer advance booking facility through online for visitors’ convenience. Some nice top end hotels in Sunyani and Kumasi (around 120 km) are as follows:

  • Eusbett Hotel
  • Hotel de Jet Ltd
  • Hotel Georgia
  • Royal Park Hotel
  • Hotel Joyflux
  • Sanbra Hotel
  • Wadoma Royale Hotel
  • Lake Bosomtwe Paradise Resort
  • Golden Tulip Kumasi City
  • Bek Egg Premier Hotel & Conference Centre
  • Durbar Court Hotel
  • True Vine Hotel
  • Amis Wonderland Hotel
  • Great Luck Hotel
  • Laposada Royal Hotel

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