Best Tourist Places to Visit in Ngoma, Zambia, South Africa, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Ngoma, Zambia, South Africa, Africa

Ngoma is a village situated in the southern part of the Kafue National Park between 15°55′ S latitude and 26°05′ E longitude. Along with park, Ngoma falls under the Southern Province of Zambia. Ngoma is home to Ngoma Basic School, small information centre and accommodation facility as well. Itezhi-Tezhi Dam is located short distance north of Ngoma and also there are three hills surrounding village.

The Kafue National Park holds the title of Zambia’s largest and Africa’s 2nd largest national park with an area of 22,400 km². Established in 1924, the park is noted for its diverse geographical characteristics, grasslands, woodlands and swamps. The park also owns opulent wildlife population, around 55 different animal species and dozens of birdlife.


How to access Ngoma?

Ngoma is situated around 310 km north of the city of Livingstone and 330 km west of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. Ngoma has an airport but no scheduled flights serve it but charter flights are available during peak season. There are also two other airstrips in the park Chunga, and Lufupa.

There is a direct road link nearly from all southern Zambian cities to Ngoma, including Livingstone and Lusaka. To move in and around Ngoma, visitors are advised to hire a car or bike from local tour operator.


Food and Shopping in Ngoma:

Independent shops and restaurants are less in number in Ngoma, so visitors can consider lodges to purchase typical local art and craft works of good quality.


Things to do in Ngoma:

  • Hiking
  • Boat riding
  • Game drives


Places to see in Ngoma:


Kafue National Park:

The Kafue National Park is the main reason for visitors coming to the village Ngoma. It is Zambia’s largest park, heaven for nature and adventure sport enthusiasts with abundant animal and bird population and opportunities of a wide range of outdoor activities like game driving, hiking, bird watching and boat tours. It is worth a trip.


Itezhi-Tezhi Dam:

Constructed between 1974 and 1977, the Itezhi-Tezhi Dam is a landmark site situated few hundred meters north of Ngoma. It measures a height of 62 meters and length of 1800 meters. The dam is famous among visitors as a nice sightseeing spot.


Ngoma Airport:

The Ngoma Airport is one of the three airstrips serving Kafue National Park. It is located out of the park, around 7 km from the centre of Ngoma village. Although less flight activities, the airport draws visitors for its nice construction and pleasant environment.


Hills in and around Ngoma:

There are 3 hills in and around Ngoma with an altitude of around 1100 meters above sea level such as Screaming Chicken Hill, Nkala Hill and Nakalombwe Hill. They don’t seem very high as they measures only 100 meters higher elevation than Ngoma plains but that are nice hiking points.


List of other places of interest in and around Ngoma include:

  • Lochinvar National Park
  • Bruce-Miller Game Farm
  • Blue Lagoon National Park
  • Kaoma Cheshire Orphanage
  • The Kaoma Women’s Center
  • Kaoma Farmers Market
  • Livingstone Museum
  • Kalimba Reptile Park
  • Railway Museum
  • Maramba Cultural Museum
  • Lilayi Game Ranch
  • Nembo Scenic Park
  • Victoria Falls Bridge


Best time to visit Ngoma:

Traveler is the decision maker in choosing best time to visit Ngoma as everything depends on his interest. Although the Kafue National Park glows with full of lush greenery during wet season between November and April but it is not recommended time to visit because of heavy rain. So, most tourists prefer season of June to October.


Hotels in Ngoma:

In Ngoma proper, accommodation options are few, but other parts of Kafue National Park offer plenty of lodges and camping sites with all basic and some upgraded facilities and services. Here is the list of some standard accommodations in and around Ngoma:

  • Mayukuyuku Camp
  • Kaingu Safari Lodge
  • Leopard Lodge
  • Mukambi Safari Lodge
  • McBrides’ Camp
  • Mawimbi Bush Camp
  • Musekese Camp
  • Konkamoya Lodge
  • Wilderness Safaris Shumba Camp
  • Wilderness Safaris Busanga Bush Camp
  • Puku Pan Safari Lodge
  • Lufupa Bush Camp
  • Musanza Tented Camp Kafue
  • Hippo Lodge
  • Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp

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