Best Tourist Places to Visit in Erigavo, Sanaag, North Africa, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Erigavo, Sanaag, North Africa, Africa

Erigavo, also called Erigabo, is a town situated in the Sanaag region in the northern Somalia, between 10°37′05″ N latitude and 047°22′12″ E longitude, around 400 km east of Berbera and 170 km west of Haylan. The surrounding areas of Erigavo are a heaven for wildlife enthusiasts, with a wide range of animal species such as Dorcas Gazelle, Hamadryas baboon, Suidae,Abdim’s Stork, Long-crested Eagle and Black-backed Jackal. Erigavo experiences a semi-arid climate with an average rainfall of 400 millimeters per year.


History of Erigavo:

According to the archeological findings found in the area, it is concluded that Erigavo is more than 500 years old settlement. Erigavo saw the rule of Warsangali Sultanate at the beginning of the modern age. The chief of Dervish State, Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, used Erigavo as an outpost at the turn of the 20th century.


How to reach Erigavo?

Erigavo hosts an airport but that is not currently served by any flights. The nearest major airport to Erigavo is Berbera Airport, situated around 400 km from Erigavo. This airport is catered by African Express Airways (Galkayo, Dubai, Mogadishu, Nairobi, Sharjah, Wajir, Aden and Bosaso) and Daallo Airlines (Mogadishu, Djibouti and Dubai).

By road, Erigavo is connected to all the major northern Somali cities like Hargeisa, Berbera, Bossaso and Borama. The local transportation of Erigavo is served by minibuses and rental bikes.


Food and shopping in Erigavo:

One can find many standard shops and restaurants in Erigavo that offer both traditional and modern products.


Things to do in Erigavo:

  • Exploring historical sites
  • Day tours
  • Walking


Places to see in Erigavo:



Shimbiris, also called Mount Surud Cad, is the highest mountain in Somalia with an elevation of 2,460 metres. Located in the Cal Madow mountain range, Shimbiris is situated around 2 km west of Erigavo, frequented by hikers from all around the country.


Wildlife in Erigavo:

Erigavo is an ideal place for travelers keen on seeing a wide range of African animals. Animals include Hamadryas baboon, Suidae, Common Dwarf Mongoose, Abdim’s Stork, Hartebeest, Dorcas Gazelle and Black-backed Jackal.


Sanaag University of Science and Technology:

The Sanaag University of Science and Technology is a prominent educational institution as well as a cultural centre in Erigavo. It was founded in the year 2009 and offers different latest courses on business and social science, culture and arts subjects. Visitors are allowed with a prior permission.



Maydh is a port town, situated around 75 km north of Erigavo. Other than port and beaches, Maydh houses many historical structures, including tombs that can be well explored through a guided tour.


List of other places of interest in and around Erigavo includes:

  • Haylan
  • Erigavo Airport
  • Hargeisa
  • Port of Berbera
  • Beaches in Berbera
  • National Museum of Somalia
  • Mosque of Islamic Solidarity
  • The National Theatre of Somalia
  • The National Library of Somalia
  • Mosque of Islamic Solidarity
  • The Somali National University
  • National Museum of Somalia
  • Arba’a Rukun Mosque
  • Mogadishu Cathedral
  • The Governor’s Palace of Mogadishu


Best time to visit Erigavo:

Erigavo is a year round destination and the tour of Erigavo can be experienced best between May and October.


Accommodation options in Erigavo:

Hotels in Erigavo are limited to traditional options only. So it is advised for visitors to reach Berbera or Bosaso or Hargeisa to find modernized hotels. Hotels in Berbera (around 450 km from Erigavo), Bosaso (400 km) and Hargeisa (600 km) are listed below:

  • Al Madiina in Berbera
  • Hotel Huruuse in Bosaso
  • Hotel Juba in Bosaso
  • The Tropical in Bosaso
  • The International Village Hotel in Bosaso
  • Hadhwanaag Hotel in Hargeisa
  • Ambassador Hotel Hargeisa in Hargeisa
  • Maan-Soor Hotel in Hargeisa
  • Oriental Hotel in Hargeisa
  • Safari Hotel in Hargeisa
  • Deero Hotel in Hargeisa

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