Zambezi Tourist Places to Visit in Zambezi, Zambia, South Africa, Africa

Zambezi Tourist Places to Visit in Zambezi, Zambia, South Africa, Africa

Zambezi, also written as Zambeze and Zambesi, is an African river holding the title of the 4th longest river of the continent. It originates in Zambia and flows through Angola, Namibia, Botswana and further along the borderline of Zambia and Zimbabwe and ultimately before emptying into the Indian Ocean, the river passes through the centre of Mozambique. The coordinates of Zambezi are 18°34′14″ S 36°28′13″ E, while its total length is 2,574 kilometers.

Zambezi River is a great gift of god for Zambezi town’s tourism as it creates the world’s largest waterfall (both in height and width) Victoria Falls. Other spectacular waterfalls created by Zambezi River in Zambia are Chavuma Falls and Ngonye Falls. Zambezi is also noted as the power source for the Kariba Dam, which serves both the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe with hydroelectric power.


Where and how to reach Zambezi?

The city Livingstone is the best place to catch the real beauty of Zambezi in Zambia. Livingstone hosts an international airport with scheduled flight services from Johannesburg, Addis Ababa, Nairobi, Lusaka and Harare. The Victoria Falls is located around 10 km south of the heart of Livingstone.

There are regular buses plying between Livingstone and Victoria Falls. Also the Livingstone city houses many travel agencies, where cars and bikes can be hired for local travel.


Food and Shopping near Zambezi:

The city of Livingstone is the perfect place to enjoy the real beauty of Zambezi and to have memorable Zambian shopping experience. There are also dozens of top class restaurants in Livingstone.


Things to do at Zambezi:

  • Fishing
  • Swimming
  • Boat riding


Places to see near Zambezi:


Livingstone city:

Livingstone is the closest major city to Zambezi River in Zambian side and few kilometers away from the city, where a wonderful natural beauty Victoria Falls gives unforgettable experience for visitors’ eyes. Apart from this, Livingstone is also a renowned city with many manmade and natural attractions like Devil’s Pool, Livingstone Reptile Park, Livingstone Museum and Railway Museum.


Ngonye Falls:

The Ngonye Falls is one of the gifts of Zambezi River to nature lovers in Zambia. Also called Sioma Falls, the Ngonye Falls is located near the town of Sioma in Western Zambia, around 330 km northwest of the city of Livingstone. There is also a popular tourist favor national park, Sioma Ngwezi National Park, surrounding Ngonye Falls.


Chavuma Falls:

The Chavuma Falls is small but spectacular waterfall on the Zambezi River found near the town of Chavuma in the northwestern Zambia. Its beauty can be enjoyed best during the beginning months of the year.


List of other places of interest near Zambezi include:

  • Sioma Ngwezi National Park
  • Katima Mulilo Bridge
  • Liuwa Plains National Park
  • Ngwezi Pools Nature Reserve
  • Devil’s Pool
  • Victoria Waterfall
  • Kaoma Cheshire Orphanage
  • Railway Museum in Livingstone
  • Kafue National Park
  • Lochinvar National Park
  • Royal Livingston Express
  • Livingstone Reptile Park
  • Livingstone Museum
  • Bruce-Miller Game Farm
  • Blue Lagoon National Park


Best time to visit Zambezi:

Visitors can catch the beauty of Zambezi River throughout the year, especially during the rainy season from October to April when the river flows with full of water, giving boost to Victoria Falls, when one can experience the real power and beauty of Zambezi River.


Hotels near Zambezi:

Since Livingstone is the nearest prominent city to Zambezi, below is listed tourist favor budget, midrange and luxury hotels in Livingstone and also all the below hotels offer advance booking facility through online for visitors’ convenience:

  • Tongabezi Lodge
  • Protea Hotel Livingstone
  • Gloria’s Bed & Breakfast
  • Mama Out of Africa
  • The Greens Inn
  • Comfort Corner Guesthouse
  • Matoya Fishing Lodge
  • Nina Fishing Camp
  • The River Club
  • The Courtyard Hotel Victoria Falls
  • New Fairmount Hotel & Casino
  • Livingstone Safari Lodge & Campsite
  • Livingstone Holiday Home
  • Tabonina Guesthouse
  • Bushbuck River House

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