Places to Visit in Soroti, Uganda, Kampala, East Africa, Africa

Places to Visit in Soroti, Uganda, Kampala, East Africa, Africa

Soroti is a town belonging to the Soroti District in Eastern Uganda, positioned between 01°42′54″ N latitude and 33°36′40″ E longitude. It is a commercial town, located around 290 km northeast of Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda. Soroti is ethnically diverse city, home to a mixed population of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians and religious sites belong to them are located all around the town.

Soroti draws a substantial number of tourists from the different regions of the country, mainly for its natural attractions, especially for Soroti Rock, which is a giant rock formation overlooking the town.


How to reach Soroti?

Like most Ugandan airports, the Soroti Airport also doesn’t handle scheduled flight currently but visitors can try to use non scheduled flights served by Eagle Air. Instead of this complex travel planning, international tourists can use bus to get Soroti from Entebbe International Airport (around 330 km from Soroti). This airport covers London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dubai and many global destinations.

The local transportation of Soroti is served by minibuses, taxis and rental cars and bikes.


Culture, Food and shopping in Soroti:

Soroti is a town of people belonging to different religions Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs. Soroti also houses the campuses of many renowned universities, including of Uganda Martyrs University and Kumi University.

There are all sorts of shops and restaurants in Soroti offering genuine items at affordable prices. It is also suggested to visitors to bring some local currency as most shops and restaurants in the town don’t accept plastic money.


What to do in Soroti?

  • Rock climbing
  • Village tours
  • Visiting religious sites


What to see in Soroti?


Soroti Rock:

The Soroti Rock is an identity of Soroti, dominating the town and offers spectacular views of the Lake Cayuga and the entire town. This magnificent granite formation can be climbed up to have the beauty of amazing scenery.


Religious sites in Soroti Rock:

How Soroti is distinct and its religious site are also distinct and attractive. The town houses various spiritual sites representing different religions in the area, Hindus temples, Muslim mosques, Christian churches as well as Sikh Gurdwaras.


Lake Kyoga:

The Lake Kyoga is a beautiful lake in the centre of Uganda, covering a surface area of around 1,720 sq. km. The lake is located to the west of Soroti, home to 46 fish species and numerous crocodiles.


Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve:

Situated around 100 km east of Soroti, the Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve holds the title of Uganda’s 2nd largest conservation protected area with an area of 2,275 square kilometers. The reserve is rich in both floral and faunal species, including primates and waterbucks.


List of other places of interest in and around Soroti includes:

  • Soroti Central Market
  • Soroti Airport
  • Soroti Railway Station
  • Soroti Flying School
  • Source of the Nile
  • Golf Course in Jinja
  • Swaminarayan Temple in Jinja
  • Sipi Falls
  • Elgon National Park
  • Itanda Falls
  • Tororo Rock
  • Griffin Falls
  • Nyero Rock Paintings
  • Sipi Falls


Best time to visit Soroti:

Soroti is a year round destination, though the most preferred time to visit Soroti is from December to March.


Where to stay in Soroti?

Soroti is a colorful town with many well facilitated tourist favor hotels providing utmost comfort to visitors with a blend of traditional and modernized facilities and services. In below list provided hotels in Soroti (first 7) and Lira (around 120 km from Soroti, next 5):

  • Soroti Hotel
  • Akello Hotel Limited
  • Golden Ark Hotel
  • Landmark Hotel
  • Desert Island Resort
  • Girls Hostel Soroti
  • Msgr John Eneku Village
  • Gracious Palace Hotel
  • Brownstone Country Home
  • The Lira Hotel
  • Kanberra Hotel
  • Margaritha Palace Hotel

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