Best Tourist Places to Visit in Masindi, Uganda, Kampala, West Africa, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Masindi, Uganda, Kampala, West Africa, Africa

Masindi is a Ugandan town belonging to the Western Uganda region located between 01°41′01″ N latitude and 32°43′20″ E longitude.  It is the administrative centre of Masindi District, situated around 210 km northwest of the national capital, Kampala. Masindi is the gateway to Uganda’s one of the recognized tourist attractions, Murchison Falls National Park. Masindi is also known as a commercial town with branches of many prominent banks, Barclays Bank, Centenary Bank and Stanbic Bank. Masindi is also the location of Uganda’s oldest hotel, Masindi Hotel.


History of Masindi:

When Masindi was being the capital of the former Bunyoro Kingdom, the British explorer and anti-slavery activist, Samuel Baker visited Masindi many times between April 1872 and June 1873. Then Baker’s expedition was strongly opposed by then king of Bunyoro Kingdom, Omukama Kabaléga.


Connectivity to Masindi:

There is an airport in Masindi but no scheduled flight services. So an alternate option for international tourists is Entebbe International Airport (around 250 km from Masindi), the primary airport of Uganda. This airport covers many global destinations, including Cairo, London, Dar es Salaam, Doha, Johannesburg, Istanbul, Amsterdam and Dubai.

As it is located on the highway leading Kampala to Murchison Falls National Park, accessing Masindi from Kampala by bus wouldn’t be a difficult task for visitors.


Food and Shopping in Masindi:

Masindi is a place, where visitors surely get an opportunity to bag some typical Ugandan handicraft products that are buyable at any major shops in the town, particularly in market. Pumpkin’s Restaurant is one of the tourist favor restaurants in Masindi.


Things to do in Masindi:

  • Exploring nearby game reserves
  • Traditional shopping
  • Hiking


What to see in Masindi?


Masindi Hotel:

The Masindi Hotel is one of the identities of Masindi holding the dignity of the oldest hotel of Uganda, constructed in the year 1923. It is situated at 22-34 Butiaba Road in Masindi.


Kinyara Sugar Works Limited:

The Kinyara Sugar Works Limited is the 2nd largest sugar manufacturer in Uganda, located around 15 km west of Masindi. Established in 1969, this factory is an ideal place to know the method used in sugar process in Uganda.


Murchison Falls National Park:

The Murchison Falls National Park is the first preference of tourists coming to the town Masindi. It is one of the best examples of the real natural beauty, safari and adventurous activities in Africa. An elegant Murchison Falls shouldn’t be missed here and the park also houses a large group of animals, including hippopotamus and elephants.


Masindi Airport:

The Masindi Airport is a landmark site in Masindi, which currently receives no flights, although draws a small group of tourists for its nice construction and lovely surroundings.


List of other places of interest in and around Masindi includes:

  • Bugungu Wildlife Reserve
  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
  • Karuma Wildlife Reserve
  • Rwenzori Moutains National Park
  • Queen Elizabeth National Park
  • Kibale National Park
  • Lake Mburo National Park
  • Igongo Cultural Centre
  • Kanyanchu Visitor Centre
  • Gulu Central Market
  • TAKS Community Art Centre
  • Ajai Game Reserve
  • Pece War Memorial Stadium in Gulu


Best time to visit Masindi:

The tour of Masindi can be experienced best between December and March when the town experiences dry and pleasant weather.


Where to stay in Masindi?

Being the site of the oldest hotel of Uganda, Masindi is one of the best places to stay in Uganda. Hotels are limited, but provide genuine Ugandan hospitality services with a lot of love and care. Price per hotel rooms is relatively cheaper in Masindi compared to other Ugandan towns. The major hotels in Masindi are listed below:

  • Masindi Hotel
  • Talemwa Guest House
  • D’Venue Hotel
  • New Court View Hotel
  • Alinda Guest House
  • Boomu Women’s Group
  • Kabalega Resort
  • Amuka Safari Lodge

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