Places to Visit in Skikda, Algeria, North Africa, Africa

Places to Visit in Skikda, Algeria, North Africa, Africa

Skikda is a port city situated on the Gulf of Stora the north eastern part of Algeria between 36°52′ N latitude and 6°54′ E longitude. It is the administrative centre of Skikda Province, holding the 3rd largest commercial port of the country following Algiers and Oran. It also gains the attention of tourists for its spectacular white sandy beaches lined up on the Mediterranean coastline.

Skikda experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and cool and wet winters. Natural gas, oil refining, and petrochemical industries are the pillars of the Skikda’s economy.


History of Skikda:

Skikda was earlier known by the name Philippeville which was used until Algeria gained independence from France 1962. Skikda was founded by the French in 1838 at the location of an ancient Phoenician city. Skikda also came under the rule of Romans which is recognized from many Roman ruins spread up in the surrounding regions of the city.


How to reach Skikda?

Skikda has an airport but it is not in use currently and the closest major international airport to Skikda is Mohamed Boudiaf International Airport, located in Constantine, around 115 km away from Skikda and operates flights from and to Algiers, Basel, Istanbul, Nice, Oran, Paris and many other important Algerian and international cities.

Skikda has an upgraded rail and road networks extended to all the major northern Algerian cities including capital, Algiers.


Culture, and Food in Skikda:

The Skikda Museum is the main cultural centre of Skikda describing the city’s rich culture and tradition with a wide collection of artifacts and artworks.

Skikda houses all sorts of shops and restaurants, although those who want more modernized shops and restaurants can head towards Constantine or Annaba.

A list of the famous restaurants in Skikda includes:

  • Patisserie An-Nahla
  • Patisserie Gherghate
  • Resterarant SKICOQ
  • Istanbul Restaurant


Things to do in Skikda:

  • Exploring beaches
  • Walking
  • City tours


Tourist places in and around Skikda:


Downtown Skikda:

The downtown Skikda is the most important landmark of Skikda housing many administrative offices, restaurants, cafes and many other entertainment centres. The environment is also nice where one can sit and spend some time with snacks.


The City Hall of Skikda:

The City Hall of Skikda is a landmark structure featuring the neo-Moorish style architecture. It was designed by the renowned artist Le Corbusier who was also the designer of the railroad station of the city.


The port of Skikda:

Being the third largest port of Algeria, the port of Skikda is one of the identities of Skikda. One can reach port from the city centre by walk or rental vehicle.


Musée National Cirta:

The Musée National Cirta is situated in Constantine, around 110 km away from Skikda. It is an art museum displaying a rich collection of ancient and modern Algerian artworks including many eminent national artists.


Abdelhamid Ben Badis:

The Abdelhamid Ben Badis Mosque is devoted to an iconic personality known for his efforts in Islamic Reform movement in Algeria. The mosque is in Constantine, around 110 km from Skikda.


List of the other attractive places in and around Skikda include:

  • Skikda museum
  • Beaches in Skikda
  • El Kala National Park
  • Beaches in Annaba
  • The Bone War Cemetery
  • Church of Saint-Augustine of Hippo
  • Amusement Park in Les Allemends
  • Eddoug National Park


Ideal time to visit Skikda:

The best time to visit Skikda is during the months between April and October while the weather remains dry and pleasant.


Where to stay in Skikda?

Even though having many tourist destinations, Skikda holds limited number of hotels, so below is provided the list of tourist favor hotels in Skikda, Annaba (around 100 km) and Constantine (110 km):

  • Hotel Belle Vue
  • Novotel Constantine
  • Hotel Hocine
  • Ibis Constantine
  • Cirta Hotel
  • Panoramic Hotel
  • Hotel Es-Salem
  • Arc En Ciel
  • Hotel Belle Vue
  • Hotel Le Majestic
  • Golden Tulip Sabri
  • El Mouradi Hammam Bourguiba
  • Hotel El Mouna
  • Mimosa Palace
  • Hotel Seybouse International

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