Places to Visit in Tidjikja, Tagant, Mauritania, Western Africa, Africa

Places to Visit in Tidjikja, Tagant, Mauritania, Western Africa, Africa

Tidjikja is a town and the capital of the Tagant region, situated in the heart of the western African country, Mauritania. It is located on the Tagant plateau, between 18°33′ N latitude and 11°26′ W longitude, around 500 km east of the national capital, Nouakchott. Due to its position on the Tagant plateau, Tidjikja receives a substantial number of tourists, especially nature lovers for typical palm trees in the region. Tidjikja’s vernacular architecture is also popular among visitors.

The nearby settlements of Tidjikja are Ksar el Barka, Moudjeria, Ksar el Khali, Boumdeit, Ouadane, Serotandi and Rachid, of which some settlements have gained prominence for archeological importance that attract tourists from the different regions of the country throughout the year.


How to reach Tidjikja?

As like the most airports in Mauritania, the Tidjikja Airport is also not in operation. So intercontinental tourists are needed to reach the Nouakchott International Airport, which is the prime airport of Mauritania. The airport handles flights from many European and African cities like Istanbul, Dakar, Gran Canaria, Madrid, Abidjan, Casablanca, Bamako, Brazzaville, Casablanca, Conakry, Paris, and Algiers.

Taxis are always gettable at the airport and in addition of availing taxis, visitors can also choose minibuses for inexpensive travel. Between Tidjikja and Nouakchott, public buses are rare, so hiring a car in Nouakchott would be helpful to reach Tidjikja comfortably.


Shopping and Food in Tidjikja:

There are shops and food corners less in number, so it is advised for visitors to bring essentials before to leaving the city where they start journey.


Things to do in Tidjikja:

  • Walking
  • Shopping
  • Day tours


Places of interest in Tidjikja:


Tagant Plateau:

Tagant Plateau is a stony area belonging to the Sahara Desert, attracting tourists for scenic sites with archeological importance. The town of Tidjikdja is situated on the Tagant Plateau.


Ksar el Barka:

Ksar el Barka is an ancient town, now in ruined condition, situated around 45 miles away from Tidjikja. The Kounta tribe was a known settler and founder of Ksar el Barka.



Ouadane is a famous archeological site, situated around 140 miles away from the town of Tidjikja. The old town of Ouadane was designated as a World Heritage Site. Also there is a famous huge Richat Structure, situated in the vicinity of Ouadane.



Tichitt is a World Heritage Site, situated around 220 km east of Tidjikja. As like other central Mauritanian cities, Tichitt is famous for archeological sites, especially for vernacular architecture. There is a museum, grand mosque and airport in Tichitt.


List of other places of interest in Tidjikja includes:

  • Archeological sites in Tichit
  • Museum in Tichit
  • Tichit Mosque
  • The port of Nouadhibou
  • Parc Naturel Du Cap Blanc
  • French coastal gun emplacement in Nouadhibou
  • Nouakchott Museum
  • Nouakchott Silver Market
  • University of Nouakchott
  • National Museum of Mauritania
  • Franco-Mauritanian Cultural Center
  • Banc d’Arguin National Park
  • Beaches in Nouakchott
  • Cathedral of St. Joseph


Best time to visit Tidjikja:

Best time to visit Tidjikja depends on visitors’ interest, although to enjoy outdoor activities in Tidjikja, visitors can choose any beginning month of the year.


Accommodation options in Tidjikja:

As like the rest of Mauritania, Tidjikja houses few upgraded hotels, so visitors are advised to consider hotels in the national capital, Nouakchott for accommodation purpose. The prominent hotels in Nouakchott (around 500 km from Tidjikja):

  • Hotel Ikrama
  • Monotel Hotel
  • Boudarge & Inimich Apart-Hotel
  • Chambres d’Hotes Naga
  • Auberge Diaguili
  • Hotel Halima
  • Hotel Atlantique Nouakchott
  • Hotel Emira
  • Residence IMAN
  • Mauricenter Hotel
  • Maison d’hotes Jeloua
  • Hotel Semiramis Nouakchott
  • Auberge Menata

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