Tourist Places to Visit in Tichla, Oued Ed-Dahab–Lagouira, West Africa, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in Tichla, Oued Ed-Dahab–Lagouira, West Africa, Africa

Tichla is a town as well as commune belonging to the Aousserd Province in Oued Ed-Dahab–Lagouira region in the Moroccan controlled part of Western Sahara. Tichla is situated along the highway N1105 leading it to two major Western Saharan cities Dakhla and El-Aaiun. Tichla is geographically positioned between 21° 35′ 0″ N latitude and 14° 58′ 23″ W longitude.

Tichla is located around 400 km southeast of Dakhla and around 850 km south of El-Aaiún, the capital and largest city of Western Sahara.


How to reach Tichla?

In Western Sahara, Dakhla Airport is the closest major airport to Tichla. This airport is located within the premise of Dakhla city, around 400 km northwest of Tichla and covers flights from Gran Canaria (served by CanaryFly) and Agadir and Casablanca (served by Royal Air Maroc).

Due to the lack of buses between Tichla and other Western Saharan cities, it is advised visitors to hire a car at Dakhla Airport to get Tichla. To get around Tichla, rental vehicles like car and bikes are the prevalent options.


Food and Shopping in Tichla:

Tichla nearly has all the basic facilities, including grocery stores and food corners but expecting chain restaurants and shopping complexes in Tichla would be superlative. For more facilitated shopping and restaurant options, one can drive towards the Dakhla city, where all sorts of upgraded shops can be found.


Things to do in Tichla:

  • Village tour
  • Shopping
  • Walking


Places to see in Tichla:


Tichla Fortress:

There is a small historical fortress in Tichla situated in the northern part of the town. The fortress lies left of N1105 highway from the centre of Tichla town. Visitors can take the aid of locals for the easy exploration of fortress.



Dakhla is the most popular tourist destination of Western Sahara. Located on the coastline of Atlantic Ocean, Dakhla has become famous as a heaven of water sport lovers, especially frequented by tourists who are enthusiastic of kite-surfing, windsurfing and surf casting activities. Mosques, Catholic Church and waterfront promenade are the other attractions of Dakhla. Dakhla is situated around 400 km northwest of Tichla.



El-Aaiun is the capital city of Western Sahara, located around 850 km northeast of Tichla. Dakhla is renowned as a city with diverse tourist attractions such as an old Spanish Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi, a traditional market with a wide selection of local specialties and excellent desert beaches.


List of other places of interest near Tichla include:

  • Dakhla Waterfront
  • Catholic Church in Dakhla
  • Beach of Dakhla
  • Windfish Pro-Center
  • Guelta Zemmour
  • Centre Artisanal
  • Laayoune-Plage
  • Dchira
  • Massage du Monde
  • Moroccan Berm
  • Tarfaya


Best time to visit Tichla:

The best time to visit Tichla depends on visitors’ preference, though the most popular time among tourists to visit Tichla is from June to August.


Hotels in Tichla:

Tichla houses very few tourist favor hotels, so most people visiting Tichla consider Dakhla city for accommodation purpose. Dakhla is situated around 400 km northwest of Tichla. Dakhla is home to all kinds of modernized hotels with latest facilities and services like free airport transfer, bar and restaurant, arrangement vehicles for local travel. Some prominent hotels in Dakhla (around 400 km from Tichla) are listed below:

  • Hotel Erraha
  • Hotel Buenavista
  • Hotel Doumes
  • Palais Touareg
  • Hotel Oued Eddahab
  • Hotel al Wahda
  • Hotel Sahara Regency
  • Hotel Calipau Sahara
  • Dakhla Spirit Lagoon Camp
  • Lagon Bleu Dakhla
  • Rio Aguila Aventure
  • Ocean Vagabond
  • Dakhla Evasion
  • Bab al Bahar Hotel et Spa
  • Auberge des Nomades du Sahara

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