Best Tourist Places to Visit in La Guera, El-Aaiun, West Africa, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Visit in La Guera, El-Aaiun, West Africa, Africa

La Guera is a beach town in Western Sahara situated on the Atlantic coast, around 900 km southwest of El-Aaiun, the capital and largest city of Western Sahara. It is located on the western part of the Ras Nouadhibou peninsula, between 20°50′ N latitude and 17°5.5′ W longitude. The name of La Guera may be derived from the Spanish term Aguera. La Guera is currently an abandoned site and home to a few Imraguen fishermen.


History of La Guera:

The history of La Guera starts with its foundation, made by the Spanish, led by the Spanish colonizer Francisco Bens. La Guera became a part of the Spanish colony of Río de Oro in 1924. La Güera Airport served La Guera until the 1970s.


How to reach La Guera?

Although there is an airport in La Guera that currently doesn’t receive any flights as that is abandoned. So international tourists are needed to reach Dakhla Airport first and afterwards they can take a rental car to get La Guera. Dakhla Airport is situated around 440 km from La Guera and receives flights from Gran Canaria (served by CanaryFly) and Agadir and Casablanca (served by Royal Air Maroc).


Food and shopping in La Guera:

As an abandoned site, there may be no food and shopping facilities available in La Guera. So visitors are advised to bring food pockets and essentials before starting their journey to La Guera. The nearest major city to La Guera is Dakhla (around 440 km).


What to do in La Guera?

  • Walking
  • Beach exploration


What to see in La Guera?


La Güera beaches:

Although La Güera is abandoned, its beaches are excellent and attractive. It is advised visitors to enquire at Western Saharan tourism department about the opportunity of exploring La Güera beaches.



Dakhla is the tourism capital of Western Sahara, situated around 440 km northeast of La Guera. Beaches are the highlights of La Guera with the opportunities of different water sports like kite-surfing, windsurfing and surf casting. Dakhla is also famous for Catholic Church, mosques and a Waterfront promenade.


El Aaiún:

El Aaiún is the capital and largest city of Western Sahara, located around 900 km northeast of La Guera. Being a historic city, El Aaiún houses many historic and modern tourist attractions like the Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi, the Stade Sheikh Mohamed Laghdaf, a large traditional market and desert beaches.


List of other places of interest in and around La Guera includes:

  • Port de Boujdour
  • Cape Bojador Lighthouse
  • Mosques in Cape Bojador
  • Dchira
  • Smara
  • Laayoune-Plage
  • Windfish Pro-Center
  • Massage du Monde
  • Moroccan Berm
  • Bir Lehlou
  • Centre Artisanal
  • Laayoune Off Road
  • Guelta Zemmour
  • Tarfaya


Best time to visit La Guera:

Generally the months between June and September are ideal to travel La Guera in Western Sahara.


Where to stay in La Guera?

La Guera probably has no accommodation facilities, so below is provided the list of hotels in Dakhla (around 440 km from La Guera) and El-Aaiun (around 900 km from La Guera).

  • Hotel Calipau Sahara
  • Palais Touareg
  • Dakhla Spirit Lagoon Camp
  • Lagon Bleu Dakhla
  • Hotel Oued Eddahab
  • Hotel al Wahda
  • Hotel Sahara Regency
  • Hotel Erraha
  • Hotel Buenavista
  • Hotel Doumes
  • Rio Aguila Aventure
  • Ocean Vagabond
  • Dakhla Evasion
  • Bab al Bahar Hotel et Spa
  • Auberge des Nomades du Sahara

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