Serekunda Tourist Places to Visit in Serekunda, Gambia, Banjul, Western Africa, Africa

Serekunda Tourist Places to Visit in Serekunda, Gambia, Banjul, Western Africa, Africa

Serekunda is the largest city of the Western African country, Gambia, situated around 13 km west of the national capital, Banjul. It is basically a market town and also known for wrestling events and the population of silk cotton trees. The major suburbs that form the city of Serekunda are Latrikunda, Sukuta, Kanifing and London Corner.

The name Serekunda literally means ‘the home of the Sere family’. There are many tourist destinations, especially seaside resorts like Bakau, Fajara and Kotu lying west of Serekunda. Serekunda is also recognized as a city with many historic mosques. Serekunda is geographically positioned between 13°26′ N latitude and 16°40′ W longitude.


How to reach Serekunda?

As like the rest of Gambia, Serekunda is also served by the Banjul International Airport with scheduled from Madrid, Dakar, Freetown, Lagos, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Conakry, Copenhagen, Oslo, Barcelona, Stockholm, Dakar and many other prime European and African cities. Tourists can use airport taxi or bus or pre-booked private transfer to cross the distance of around 18 km between the airport and the heart of Serekunda city.

By bus, Serekunda is connected to all the major cities of the country through roadway including the capital, Banjul and the country’s most famous tourist destination, Bakau.


Food and Shopping in Serekunda:

Serekunda is home to a well maintained traditional market, where all types of local specialties like baskets, wood carvings, jewels, fruits and vegetable can be purchased.

Apart from traditional features, to reach the taste of overseas tourists, Serekunda houses many upgraded restaurants with Italian and Asian menus like Gfc, Broadway Fast Food & Restaurant and Youth Monument Bar & Restaurant.


Things to do in Serekunda:

  • Watching wrestling matches
  • Traditional shopping
  • City tours


What to see in Serekunda?


Abuko Nature Reserve:

Abuko Nature Reserve is situated near Lamin village, around 6 km away from the heart of Serekunda. The reserve is rich in vegetation and also houses around 300 bird species as well as some monkeys and crocodiles. Visitors are allowed between 8AM and 6.30PM and admission fee is GMD 35.


Bijilo Forest Park:

The Bijilo Forest Park lies to the west of Serekunda on the beach line, covering a total area of 51.3 hectares. Established in 1982, the park is famous among both locals and international visitors, especially among nature and adventure sport lovers, for its dense vegetation and way to beaches.



Bakau is the most recognized tourist attraction of Gambia, holding a unique crocodile pool Bakau Kachikally, botanical gardens and pristine beaches with the opportunities of different water sport activities. It is to the north of Serekunda, accessible by bus or rental vehicle.



Fajara is a beach town with around 20 hotel complexes with both traditional and modern amenities. Beaches in Fajara are also well served by modern cafes and restaurants.


List of other places of interest in Serekunda includes:

  • Kachikally Museum and Crocodile Pool
  • Independence Stadium in Bakau
  • Beaches at Cape Point
  • Bakau Fish Market
  • Bakau Craft Market
  • Kiang West National Park
  • Gambia River National Park
  • MacCarthy Island
  • Makasutu Culture Forest
  • Tanjii Bird Reserve
  • Gambia National Museum
  • TAF Brufut Gardens
  • Sheraton Gambia Resort
  • Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve
  • Kunta Kinteh Island


When to visit Serekunda?

Visitors can choose any month between November and March to visit Serekunda in Gambia.


Where to stay in Serekunda?

Everyone can find accommodations and lodging to fit their needs in Serekunda including budget travelers, but booking hotels through online is recommended to avoid difficulty in getting hotels during peak season. The major hotels in Serekunda include:

  • Sheraton Gambia Hotel Resort & Spa
  • Senegambia Beach Hotel
  • Kairaba Beach Hotel
  • Sarges Hotel
  • Bungalow Beach Hotel
  • Mansea Beach Hotel
  • Bakadaji Hotel
  • Tranquility Residence
  • Damel Luxury Villa
  • Kairoh Garden Tanjeh
  • Rock Garden Appartments
  • Makasutu Culture Forest
  • Mandina River Lodge
  • Princess Apartments

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