Best Tourist Places to Visit in Sudan, Khartoum, North Africa, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Sudan, Khartoum, North Africa, Africa

Sudan is a North African country situated in the Nile Valley, sharing borders with South Sudan towards the south, Egypt to the north, Eritrea, Ethiopia and the Red Sea to the east, while Libya borders Sudan in the northwest, Chad towards the west and the Central African Republic in the southwest. Khartoum is the capital and Omdurman is the largest city of Sudan. Sudan is the 16th largest country in terms of area in the world (around 1,886,068 sq. km).

Sudan is one of the member nations of the African Union, the United Nations, the Arab League and many other international organizations. Sudan offers a wide range of different attractions for tourists, ranging from world heritage sites to natural attractions to palatial annual entertainment events.


History of Sudan:

The name Sudan is an Arabic origin term ‘bilād as-sūdān’, which means ‘land of the Blacks’. The history of Sudan is very long and broad, which starts with the reign of the Nubian kingdoms around 3500 BC and since then it was continually ruled by many regional and European powers, particularly by the British, whose colonization began over Sudan in the second half of the 19th century and that ended up with the independence of Sudan on 1 January 1956. Another most noted event happened in Sudan’s history is South Sudan carved out from indiscrete Sudan in 2011 becoming an independent country.


Connectivity to Sudan:

Khartoum International Airport is the primary airport of Sudan, situated around 11 km north of the heart of the national capital Khartoum. It operates flights from Cairo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Sharjah, Doha and many other Middle Eastern and African cities.

Sudan has a public railway system that is limited to few Sudanese cities from the capital Khartoum. Buses and minibuses are mainly used for intercity travel in Sudan.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Sudan:

Sudanese are predominately Muslims, while Arabic is their mother language. Athletics and football are widely popular sports in Sudan. Sudanese pound is the currency of Sudan since 2007, replacing Sudanese dinar. For the best experience of Sudanese traditional shopping, Souq Omdurman in the capital Khartoum is a perfect spot. A main dish consumed by Sudanese is Foul.


Must see in Sudan:


National Museum of Sudan:

The National Museum of Sudan is situated on El Neel Avenue in the capital city Khartoum. Established in 1971, the museum covers the complete history of Sudan from the ancient Nubian Kingdoms to modern Sudan. The Egyptian temples of Buhen Temple and Semna Temple placed in the museum garden are also very much famous among visitors.


Sudan Presidential Palace Museum:

The Sudan Presidential Palace Museum is a place where visitors can get valid information of Sudan’s political history that is interesting and very informative and information is exhibited through relics and pieces. Collections include paintings of Sir Gordon Pasha and cars of presidents. It is situated within the premise of the Presidential Palace.


Dinder National Park:

The Dinder National Park is located on the Sudan-Ethiopia border in the eastern part of Sudan. Established in 1935, the park is home to many typical African animals including tora hartebeest, African elephant and black rhinoceros hippopotamus. It is situated around 400 kilometers from the capital Khartoum.


Sudan Ethnographic Museum:

The Sudan Ethnographic Museum is a small but distinct museum, showcasing the diversity of people belonging to different ethnicities in Sudan. Models of traditional homes and a wide range of colorful traditional handicraft products shouldn’t be missed here. The museum is located in Khartoum.


Souq Omdurman:

Being one of the largest markets in Africa, the Souq Omdurman is one of the identities of Sudan. Located in Khartoum, it is a perfect place for those looking to buy genuine Sudanese handicraft products, clothes and food products.


List of other places of interest in Sudan include:

  • Jebel Barkal
  • Sudd
  • Pyramids of Meroe
  • Temple of Amun
  • Pyramids of Gebel Barkal


When to visit Sudan?

Sudan experiences diverse climatic conditions, mainly arid and tropical wet-and-dry climate. Like most African countries, from November to March is the best time to visit Sudan.


Where to stay in Sudan?

Sudan holds moderately developed hospitality industry with star rated hotels to mid range BB and inns to budget guest houses. Most top end hotels of Sudan are located in the capital Khartoum. Advance booking is also prevalent in Sudan. List of the prominent hotels in Sudan (Khartoum) include:

  • Corinthia Hotel Khartoum
  • Acropole Hotel
  • Al Salam Rotana Hotel
  • 5M Hotel
  • Kanon Hotel Suites
  • Bougainvilla Guesthouse
  • Coral Khartoum
  • Kanon Hotel
  • Lisamin Safari Hotel
  • Grand Holiday Villa Khartoum
  • Taka Hotel
  • Rosa Park
  • Green Village Hotel
  • Dandas Hotel
  • Kabri Touristic Hotel

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