Best Tourist Places to Visit in Khartoum, Sudan, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Khartoum, Sudan, Africa

Khartoum is the capital as well as the 2nd largest city of the African country Sudan. Administratively, Khartoum falls under the Khartoum State and is situated at the convergence of the White Nile and Blue Nile rivers. The Khartoum Metropolitan Area is the state of three urban areas, Khartoum city itself, Omdurman (the largest city of Sudan) and Khartoum North. Khartoum is a city with a proper mix and emergence of culture, education, infrastructure, tourism, shopping and entertainment, which has been geared up Khartoum towards getting place in the developed cities of Africa in recent years. The geographical coordinates of Khartoum measure 15°38′ N 032°32′ E.


History of Khartoum:

There is no certain theory about the origin of the name Khartoum, though one theory says the name Khartoum may be came from the Arabic term ‘kharṭūm’, which means trunk. According to the historical records, the son of the ruler of Egypt Muhammad Ali Pasha, Ibrahim Pasha, was the founder of Khartoum, founded in 1824 as an outpost for the Egyptian Army. Khartoum witnessed the summits of the Organization of African Unity in 1978 and Arab League in 2006.


Getting Khartoum:

Khartoum is the site of the most important airport of Sudan, Khartoum International Airport. The airport is located around 11 km north of the centre of Khartoum and covers many global cities such as Sharjah, Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Riyadh and Cairo.

Except southern part of Sudan, Khartoum is well linked by bus to all the major Sudanese cities, including Port Sudan, Wad Medani, and Kassala. Khartoum is also connected by train to Wadi Halfa and Port Sudan and Atbara. To move within Khartoum, taxis generally cost between SDG 10 and 20.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Khartoum:

Like country, Khartoum is largely Muslim populated city, though it is diverse, with many cultural clubs, especially that of Germans, Greeks and Indians.

Undoubtedly, the Souq Omdurman is the ideal spot for traditional shopping in Khartoum. Restaurants are abundant in number in Khartoum, spread up all around the city.


What to do in Khartoum?

  • Sufi dancing
  • Watching movies
  • Festival celebrations


Must see in Khartoum:

 Corinthia Hotel Khartoum:

The Corinthia Hotel Khartoum is a five star hotel and one of the identities of Khartoum. Situated on the confluence of the Blue Nile and White Nile rivers, this oval shaped hotel holds many specialties are that of its shape nearly matching Burj Al Arab (7 star hotel) in Dubai and it is funded by Libya, for which it is popularly called “Gaddafi’s Egg”.


Tuti Bridge:

The Tuti Bridge is a recent construction built to connect Khartoum to the nearby Tuti Island. It is the first suspension bridge to be built in Sudan and one of the first in Africa. It is also a great viewpoint.


Nile Street:

The Nile Street is probably the best and beautiful street in Khartoum. The street moves along with many palatial colonial buildings, administrative offices, shopping centres and grandly built star rated hotels. The Nile Street is highlighted by the Presidential Palace and the National Museum of Sudan.


Sudan Presidential Palace Museum:

The Sudan Presidential Palace Museum is one of the recommended places to visit in Khartoum. Located in the premise of the Presidential Palace, the museum is housed inside the Palace Cathedral, which holds more than 100 years of history. The museum is mainly concentrated on showcasing the photographs and belongings of Sudanese presidents.


The Khalifa’s House:

The Khalifa’s House belonged to a Sudanese Ansar General and ruler, Abdallahi ibn Muhammad, who was being popular as ‘Khalifa’. The museum exhibits artifacts relating the history of Sudan, including about the Mahdists and the British rule. Entrance fee is 1SDG. It is worth a visit.


List of other places of interest in Khartoum includes:

  • Bombed Al-Shifa pharmaceutical factory
  • Souq Omdurman
  • Sudan National Museum
  • Sudan Ethnographic Museum
  • Convergence of the Blue and White Nile


When to visit Khartoum?

Khartoum experiences a hot desert climate with precipitation only during the months of July and August. Probably the best time to visit Khartoum is from December to March.


Where to stay in Khartoum?

Khartoum is a city for all types of tourists, even for those who want to have an ultimate luxurious hospitality services. Advance booking is highly recommended for visitors who are planning to tour Khartoum as the city’s hotels fill up quickly during peak season. Here are some modernized hotels in Khartoum:

  • 5M Hotel
  • Kanon Hotel Suites
  • Bougainvilla Guesthouse
  • Coral Khartoum
  • Kanon Hotel
  • Lisamin Safari Hotel
  • Grand Holiday Villa Khartoum
  • Taka Hotel
  • Rosa Park
  • Green Village Hotel
  • Dandas Hotel
  • Kabri Touristic Hotel
  • Corinthia Hotel Khartoum
  • Acropole Hotel
  • Al Salam Rotana Hotel

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