Gulu Tourist Places to Visit in Gulu, Uganda, Kampala, North Africa, Africa

Gulu Tourist Places to Visit in Gulu, Uganda, Kampala, North Africa, Africa

Gulu is a city and the administrative centre of Gulu District in the Northern Uganda region of Uganda. It is the commercial hub of Northern Uganda, located around 320 north of the capital and largest city of Uganda, Kampala. Gulu has identified itself for many of its features, mainly for renowned Gulu University and also for as the nearest city to excellent natural tourist destination, Murchison Falls National Park. The major landmarks of Gulu include Pece War Memorial Stadium, Gulu Regional Referral Hospital and Gulu Central Market.


History of Gulu:

The history of Gulu was not colorful as its people were intentionally neglected both during the British colonial rule and after the independence of the country. In recent years, Gulu is getting nearly an equal importance what Uganda’s southern cities getting.


Connectivity to Gulu:

There is a domestic airport in Gulu with regular flights from/to the country’s primary airport Entebbe International Airport. The airport is situated around 3 km away from the heart of Gulu city.

Gulu is connected to the capital Kampala by direct roadway, served by many prominent bus companies. Visitors can use rental cars for local travel, sightseeing purposes and intercity travel in Gulu.


Culture, Food and shopping in Gulu:

Christians, especially Acholi people, dominate the population of Gulu. Luo and Swahili are the commonly spoken languages in Gulu. Gulu Central Market is famous for traditional shopping.

The major restaurants in Gulu include:

  • Sankofa Cafe Gulu
  • Cafe Larem
  • Butterflies Bar & Restaurant
  • Hotel Free Zone Restaurant


What to do in Gulu?

  • Walking
  • City tours
  • Visiting market and university



What to see in Gulu?


Pece War Memorial Stadium:

The Pece War Memorial Stadium is a landmark stadium with a seating capacity of around 3,000 spectators. Constructed in 1959 during the British colonial rule, the stadium is the home ground of the local soccer club Gulu United FC and used for the Ugandan Cup. It is the largest sport venue in Northern Uganda.


Gulu Central Market:

The Gulu Central Market is one of the major places in the country to have the genuine experience of Uganda’s traditional shopping. Mainly handicraft products and clothes are worth a price here.


Gulu University:

The Gulu University is Uganda’s one of the recognized universities, home the only medical school in Northern Uganda, the Gulu University School of Medicine. It was founded in the year 2002.


Murchison Falls National Park:

The Murchison Falls National Park is situated around 80 km southwest of the city of Gulu. The park was named after an amazing natural beauty Murchison Falls, which is the first preference of visitors visiting the park. Other highlights of the park are four of the “big five” animals.


Karuma Game Reserve:

The Karuma Game Reserve falls under the Murchison Falls Conservation Area and adjoins the Murchison Falls National Park. The reserve covers an area of 720 square kilometers and is famous as a great safari destination.


List of other places of interest in and around Gulu includes:

  • TAKS Community Art Centre
  • Ajai Game Reserve
  • Fort Patiko
  • Arua Central Market
  • Arua Mall
  • West Nile Golf Club
  • Barifa Forest
  • Uganda Christian University
  • Muni University
  • Makerere University Business School campus
  • Kidepo Valley National Park


Best time to visit Gulu:

Like the rest of Uganda, Gulu experiences a tropical wet and dry climate. The ideal time to visit Gulu is from December and March.


Where to stay in Gulu?

Gulu is a city with many tourist favor accommodation centres like hotels, vacation rentals, BB and inns with all upgraded facilities and services like spa, AC, TV, food on request and medical services. Advance booking is preferred to get hotel rooms in such hotels as they get crowded during the peak season. The major hotels in Gulu include:

  • Hotel Free Zone
  • Palema Crown Hotel
  • Acholi Inn Hotel
  • Churchill Courts Hotel
  • Acholi Ber Country Hotel
  • Hotel Nok Continental
  • The Pagoda
  • Hotel Roma
  • Bomah Hotel
  • Golden Peace Hotel
  • Cosmo Guest House
  • Hotel Pearl Afrique
  • Hotel Kakanyero

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