Best Tourist Places to Visit in Al-Fashir (El Fasher), Sudan, North Africa, Africa

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Al-Fashir (El Fasher), Sudan, North Africa, Africa

Al-Fashir, also spelled El Fasher or Al-Fashir, is a city and the administrative centre of North Darfur state in Sudan, located between 13°37′50″ N latitude and 25°21′0″ E longitude. The city is situated around 700 meters above sea level, around 200 km northeast of the city of Nyala and 1000 km southwest of Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Al-Fashir is home to Al Fashir University, which was founded in 1990 and was officially opened in 1991.

 History of Al-Fashir:

The history of Al-Fashir begins with the relocation of the itinerant court of Sultan ‘Abd al-Rahman al-Rashed of the Darfur to Al-Fashir (then Rahad Tendelti). Al-Fashir gained a significant economic and population growth due to the humanitarian help from the United Nations to re-strengthen the lives of people and their relatives who suffered from the Darfur crisis.


How to access Al-Fashir?

The Al Fashir Airport is situated around 5 km away from the midpoint of the city of Al Fashir. The airport operates flights from/to Khartoum and Nyala, served by Badr Airlines, Nova Airways, Sudan Airways and Tarco Airlines.

Al Fashir is well linked by road to the rest of Sudan, including Khartoum, Nyala and El Obeid.

To move within the city, for airport and intercity travel and sightseeing purposes, visitors can hire car from the local travel agency in Al Fashir.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Al-Fashir:

Al Fashir University is the focal point of Al Fashir’s culture, where regular events take place showcasing the city’s cultural and historical importance. There are also some tourist favor shops and restaurants in Al-Fashir, but not in large number.


Things to do in Al-Fashir:

  • Walking
  • Traditional shopping
  • City tour


What to see in Al-Fashir?


Al Fashir University:

The Al Fashir University is the major learning centre as well as cultural hub of Al-Fashir. It was establishment with the order of President Omar Hassan Ahmed Bashir in 1990 and since then it is famous as one of the top universities in Sudan.


El Fasher Airport:

The El Fasher Airport is located 1,527 meters above sea level, around 5 km away from the centre of Al-Fashir city. It is an active airport receiving flights frequently and is also famous among non-travellers.



Nyala is a city, located around 200 km south of Al-Fashir. It houses a university named Nyala University and an airport with direct flights from Al-Fashir. It is also known for its food processing units and garments.


List of other places of interest near Al-Fashir include:

  • Al Kabir Mosque
  • WWII Cemetery
  • Sudan Art Diwan
  • Sudan National Museum
  • Jebel Barkal
  • Pyramids of Meroe
  • Temple of Amun
  • Pyramids of Gebel Barkal
  • Khartoum War Cemetery
  • Tuti Island
  • University of Khartoum
  • Jabal al-Awliya’ Dam
  • Nile Street


When to visit Al-Fashir?

Al-Fashir experiences a hot desert climate with relatively dry weather year round. The best time to visit Al-Fashir is from December to March.


Hotels in and around Al-Fashir:

As Al-Fashir lacking well facilitated hotels below are provided hotels in Khartoum for visitors’ convenience. Khartoum is situated around 1000 km away from Al-Fashir and it can be reached by both roadway and airway from Al-Fashir.

  • 5M Hotel
  • Kanon Hotel Suites
  • Bougainvilla Guesthouse
  • Corinthia Hotel Khartoum
  • Acropole Hotel
  • Al Salam Rotana Hotel
  • Coral Khartoum
  • Taka Hotel
  • Rosa Park
  • Green Village Hotel
  • Dandas Hotel
  • Kabri Touristic Hotel
  • Kanon Hotel
  • Lisamin Safari Hotel
  • Grand Holiday Villa Khartoum

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