Places to Visit in Bo, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Africa

Places to Visit in Bo, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Africa

Bo, also called Bo Town, is a city situated in the Southern Province of the African country Sierra Leone. It is the second largest city of Sierra Leone, following the national capital, Freetown, from which Bo is situated around 230 km away. Bo is the seat of Bo District and holds the reputation of the second important educational, commercial and financial hub of Sierra Leone, after Freetown.

Bo is well known for many reputed learning centres such as Njala University, Fourah Bay College and the Bo Government Secondary School. Bo is geographically positioned between 7°57′23″ N latitude and 11°44′24″ W longitude.


History of Bo:

Bo served as the capital of the Protectorate of Sierra Leone from 1930 until the independence of Sierra Leone from the United Kingdom on 27 April 1961. Bo opened itself to modern development in 1889 with the arrival of the railroad to the region. Bo geared up towards becoming one of the leading education centres of the country with the establishment of Bo Government Secondary School in 1906.


Getting Bo:

Bo is home to an airport with regular flight services from Freetown, Kenema and Yengema, served by Eagle Air. The distance of 3 km from the heart of Bo to the airport can easily be crossed by taxis or rental cars.

Bo is well connected to Freetown towards the northwest and Kenema towards the east by regular bus services, taking around 4 hours and 1 hour respectively.

Okadas is the prevalent option to get around the city of Bo.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Bo:

Bo is city with people belonging to different communities, dominated by the Mende people. Krio is a commonly communicated language in Bo. Bo has all basic and modernized living amenities including shops, restaurants, hotels, banks, educational institutions and internet cafes.


Things to do in Bo:

  • Visiting university and stadium
  • Day tours
  • Shopping


Tourist Attractions in Bo:


Bo Stadium:

The Bo Stadium is the 2nd largest stadium of Sierra Leone, following the Freetown Stadium, with a seating capacity of 25,000 spectators. Opened in 2006, it is the home ground of Bo Rangers and Nepean Stars football clubs.


Njala University:

The Njala University is one of the recommended places to visit in Bo and it owns the dignity of the 2nd largest university of Sierra Leone. It was established in 1964 and currently trains around 25,000 students with different latest courses.


Diamond mines in Bo:

Bo is home to many small scale diamond mines that can be visited through a guided tour and that would probably become a memorable tour for visitors.


List of other places of interest in and around Bo include:

  • Bo Airport
  • Bo Government Secondary School
  • Christ the King College secondary school
  • Bo Teacher’s College
  • Gola Forest National Reserve
  • Gola Rainforest National Park
  • John Obey Beach
  • Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
  • Lumley Beach
  • National Railway Museum
  • Tambakula Arts and Crafts Center
  • Banana Divers Sierra Leone
  • Paddy’s Bar
  • Sierra Leone National Museum
  • St George’s Cathedral


Best time to visit Bo:

The best and most popular time to visit Bo is from October to May when the dry season runs in the country.


Hotels in and around Bo:

Bo is a colorful city with many upgraded tourist favor hotels that are spread up all around the city. Price per night in mid range to luxury hotels varies from Le 70,000 to 150,000. Most hotels in Bo offer advance booking facility through online for visitors’ convenience. The below list includes hotels in Bo and Kenema (around 65 km from Bo):

  • Dohas Hotel and Restaurant
  • Madame Woki Hotel
  • Hotel Sir Milton
  • Countryside Hotel
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Sahara Hotel
  • Ericson Guest House in Kenema
  • Paloma Guest House in Kenema
  • Capitol Hotel in Kenema

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