Lunsar Tourist Places to Visit in Lunsar, Port Loko, North Africa, Afri

Lunsar Tourist Places to Visit in Lunsar, Port Loko, North Africa, Africa

Lunsar is a town belonging to the Port Loko District in the Northern Province of the African country Sierra Leone. It is situated around 35 km southeast of the district capital, Port Loko and 120 km northeast of Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone. Lunsar is noted as the commercial centre as well as the largest town of Port Loko District. Its population is largely filled up by people belonging to the Temne ethnic group. Lunsar geographically coordinates with 08°41′00″ N latitude and 12°32′00″ W longitude.


History of Lunsar:

Ro-Sar was the original name of Lunsar and the current name Lunsar, which derived from stone formations in the area, in which Sar means stone in the local Temne language. The name was changed during the colonial period.


How to reach Lunsar?

The Lungi International Airport in the town of Lungi near the national capital Freetown, is the closest airport to Lunsar. This airport is situated around 100 km west of Lunsar, can be accessed by bus or taxi or rental car.

The road connectivity of Lunsar extends to all the major Sierra Leonean cities, including Freetown towards the west and Makeni towards the east. Rental cars may be available but not guaranteed in Lunsar, but minibus service can become an option for local travel.


Food and Shopping in Lunsar:

Upgraded shops and restaurants are less in number in Lunsar and for modernized options, visitors can drive towards Freetown (around 120 km from Lunsar).


Things to do in Lunsar:

  • Shopping
  • Surrounding village tours
  • Walking


Places of interest in Lunsar:


Port Loko:

Port Loko is a nearby town of Lunsar, situated around 35 km from it. It lies on the estuary of Bankasoka River, offering different water sport activities like swimming and fishing. Port Loko is also known for Port Loko Teacher’s College, which is one of the oldest colleges in the country. Buses are regular between these cities.



Situated around 65 km northeast of Lunsar, Makeni is the 4th largest city of Sierra Leone, home to Sierra Leone’s largest private university, the University of Makeni. It is also famous as a gateway to Mayosso Wildlife Sanctuary and Kangari Hills Forest Reserve.



Capital of Sierra Leone, Freetown is located around 120 km southwest of Lunsar. The city is a great mix of natural and manmade attractions, particularly beaches that are excellent in condition with a magnetic feature of attracting tourists. Also being a historic city, Freetown houses many landmark sites such as National Rail Museum, St. George’s Cathedral, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary and Cape Sierra Leone Lighthouse.


List of other places of interest near Lunsar (in Freetown) include:

  • Sussex Beach
  • Goderich Beach
  • Hill Station Club
  • Sierra Leone Museum
  • Kent Beach
  • Bunce Island
  • John Obey Beach
  • York Beach
  • Charlotte Falls
  • Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary
  • National Rail Museum
  • George’s Cathedral
  • Cape Sierra Leone Lighthouse


When to visit Lunsar?

Probably during the summer months between December and May is the best time to visit Lunsar in Sierra Leone.


Hotels in Lunsar:

As tourist favor accommodation options are very few in Lunsar, below is provided hotels in Makeni (around 65 km from Lunsar) and Freetown (around 120 km from Lunsar) for tourists’ convinience:

  • Makambo Village Hotel in Makeni
  • Hotel Conteh-U in Makeni
  • Wusum Hotel in Makeni
  • Raza Guest House in Freetown
  • Family Kingdom Resort in Freetown
  • Bintumani Hotel in Freetown
  • Sierra International Hotel in Freetown
  • Simple Goal Guest House in Freetown
  • Radisson Blu Mammy Yoko Hotel in Freetown
  • Kimbima Hotel in Freetown
  • Mamba Point Guesthouse in Freetown
  • Hotel de la Joie in Freetown
  • Njala IAR Guesthouse in Freetown
  • Swiss Spirit Hotel & Suites Freetown
  • The Rogbonko Village Retreat in Freetown

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