Places to Visit in Senafe, Debub, Eritrea, Africa

Places to Visit in Senafe, Debub, Eritrea, Africa

Senafe is a town situated in the Debub region of Eritrea in the southern part of the country. It is a market town, well known for the archaeological site Metera, Debre Libanos’s monastery and monolithic church at Enda-Tradqan. Senafe coordinates with 14°42′ N latitude and 39°25′ E longitude, is situated around 130 km southeast of Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. Senafe was originally called Hakir.


History of Senafe:

According to the local belief, Senafe got its name from the town Sana’a in Yemen. The town of Senafe was developed substantially during the Italian rule but that development no larger existed, was collapsed during the Eritrean War of Independence and the Eritrean-Ethiopian War.


Getting Senafe:

Senafe is served by Asmara International Airport with scheduled flights, catered by EgyptAir (Cairo), Nova Airways (Kassala, Khartoum), Sudan Airways (Kassala, Khartoum and Port Sudan) and Yemenia (Sana’a). From Senafe, the airport is located around 130 km away.

Buses are regular between these two routes and taxis are also available, although one can book a private transfer before to reaching the airport for comfort and convenient airport travel.

The bus connection of Senafe also extends to bordering Ethiopian cities and all the major southern Eritrean cities.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Senafe:

As like the most other Eritrean cities and towns, Senafe is also known for traditional markets and food corners. Modernized restaurants and shops are limited in number, so one can refer the national capital, Asmara for better shopping experience and to have both mouthwatering Eritrean and international delicacies.


Things to do in Senafe:

  • Visiting archeological sites
  • Hiking
  • Shopping


Places to see in Senafe:



Metera or Balaw Kalaw was a former city in D`mt and Aksumite Kingdoms. Currently it is in ruined condition, famous among visitors as an archeological site. It is located few kilometers away from the town of Senafe.


The monolithic church of Enda-Tradqan:

The monolithic church of Enda-Tradqan is located short distance away from Senafe. This church is one of the important religious sites in the area, frequented both locals and tourists year round.


Debre Libanos:

Constructed in the 6th century by Abba Meta, Debre Libanos is the Eritrea’s 2nd oldest Christian monastery following Debre Sinia. This monastery is still good in condition and also houses a library with manuscripts of which some dates from the 13th century.


Adi Keyh:

Adi Keyh is a town, situated around 25 km away from Senafe. The town itself is home to many historical tourist attractions and also there are two archeological sites like Qohaito and Toconda, located few kilometers away from Senafe.


Other places of interest in and around Senafe include:

  • Italian colonial buildings in Dekemhare
  • Al Khulafa Al Rashiudin Mosque
  • Massawa
  • Asmara Theatre and Opera House
  • Joseph’s Cathedral
  • Liberation Avenue
  • Synagogue of Asmara
  • Enda Mariam Orthodox Cathedral
  • Fiat Tagliero Building
  • Cinema Impero
  • Asmara Historic Perimeter
  • Asmara President’s Office
  • National Museum Asmara
  • Sembel Archaeological Site
  • Denkalya Desert


Ideal time to visit Senafe:

The best time to visit Senafe depends on visitors’ interest, although those want to enjoy outdoor activities in Senafe can choose beginning months of the year.


Where to stay in Senafe?

It is difficult to find modernized accommodation centres in Senafe, but the town houses many traditional options. Those who want star rated hotels can drive towards Asmara, which is around 130 km away from Senafe, housing many star rated hotels with world class facilities and services. The prominent hotels in Senafe are as follows:

  • Sunshine Hotel
  • Lion Hotel
  • Savanna International Hotel
  • Hotel Asmara Palace
  • Albergo Italia
  • Embasoira Hamasien Hotel
  • Africa Pension
  • Hotel Khartoum
  • Asmara Central Hotel
  • Ambasoira Hotel
  • Crystal Hotel Eritrea

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