Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Bassar, Kara, Togo, Lome, West Africa, Africa

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Bassar, Kara, Togo, Lome, West Africa, Africa

Bassar is Togolese town belonging to the Bassar Prefecture in the Kara Region of the country. Originally known for iron making, Bassar is famous for the production of a substantial amount of yam, especially Labaco range of yam, making it the yam capital of Togo. This Labaco variety of yam plays vital role in preparing the most famous Togolese staple food, Fufu. The Bassar Royal Palace is one of the prominent landmarks in Bassar, which belongs to the King of Bassar.

Bassar is geographically positioned between 9°15′ N latitude and 0°47′ E longitude, around 75 km southwest of the city of Kara and 400 km north of the national capital, Lome.


History of Bassar:

Bassar is served by the Niamtougou International Airport, located around 105 km northeast of Bassar. This airport is catered by few  scheduled flights, but it can be reached by charter flights from Lomé–Tokoin Airport during high season. Lomé–Tokoin Airport, the most important airport of Togo, is situated around 400 km south of Bassar.

Bassar is connected to the regional capital, Kara, by direct road link, served by minibuses. The town of Bassar can also be explored through a rental vehicle.


Food and shopping in Bassar:

Most shops and restaurants in Bassar are traditional options, where credit card is not accepted, so bring some local currency prior reaching the town.


What to do in Bassar?

  • Visiting palace and traditional houses
  • Visiting iron mines
  • Village tour


What to see in Bassar?


Le Palais Royal:

Le Palais Royal or the Royal Palace is one of the identities of Bassar, which has a historic importance, belonging to the King of Bassar, who gained this position from the heritage. The palace is allowed for visitors with a prior permission.


King’s mausoleum:

The King’s mausoleum is the final resting place of the deceased Bassar kings. It is situated few hundred meters away from the Royal Palace. One can reach it with the aid of locals.


Iron mining sites in Bassar:

Bassar was originally well known for iron making but this activity was stopped many years back. Although visitors can see many iron mines around the town that can be explored through a guided tour.



Kara is a city located around 75 km northeast of Bassar. The city itself houses many winsome tourist attractions and is also the gateway to many popular natural destinations including Sarakawaassar Wildlife Reserve and Mountains Kabyés. Also a World Heritage of UNESCO, Koutammakou, is situated 50 km north of Kara and 130 km from Bassar.


List of other places of interest in and around Bassar includes:

  • Kran National Park
  • Bafilo Falls
  • Bafilo Mosque
  • Fazao Mafakassa National Park
  • Togo National Museum
  • Lake Togo
  • Lomé Grand Market
  • Village Artisanal in Lome
  • La Madingue in Lome
  • Kéran National Park
  • Abdoulaye Faunal Reserve


Best time to visit Bassar:

Bassar is a year round destination, experiencing relatively cool weather throughout the year as it is surrounded by mountainous areas. The recommended time to visit Bassar is from November to February.


Where to stay in Bassar?

Bassar houses a limited number of tourist favor accommodation options, so for more options visitors can drive towards the regional capital, Kara or hotels in the bordering Plateaux Region (230 km). Buses are not regular between these regions, so rental vehicles would be useful. In below list, the first 3 hotels are situated near Bassar and in Kara region and the remaining hotels are in Plateaux Region:

  • Marie Antoinette
  • Hotel Kara
  • Hotel La Douceur
  • Hotel Le Sahelien
  • Hotel Le Geyser
  • RCL Hotel
  • Hotel Agbeviade
  • Campement de Klouto
  • Auberge les Rochers
  • Chez Felicia
  • Chez Fanny

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