Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Mango, Togo, West Africa, Africa

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Mango, Togo, West Africa, Africa

Mango, also called Sansanne-Mango, is a city in the western African country, Togo, situated around 70 km southeast of the regional capital Dapaong and 540 km north of the national capital, Lome. Mango is one of the major cities of Savanes region, located around 26 km from Togo’s border with Ghana. Mango is the gateway to one of the prominent natural tourist destinations of the country, the Kran National Park. Mango is geographically positioned between 10°21′20″ N latitude and 0°28′32″ E longitude. Savanes Region is the northernmost of the five regions of Ghana, sprawling over an area of 8,470 sq. km.


How to get Mango?

There is an airport in Mango but there are probably no flights serving airport currently. The closest functioning airport to Mango is Niamtougou International Airport, which receives private and charter flights and is located around 110 km southeast of Mango. International tourists are advised to reach Lomé-Tokoin Airport first and then use bus or rental car from there to get Mango. Lomé-Tokoin Airport covers many global cities, including Paris, Brussels, N’Djamena, Niamey and Casablanca. Mango has good road connectivity to all the major cities in Togo, including capital Lome.


Food and shopping in Mango:

There are many nice shops and restaurants in Mango offering traditional as well as modern food products, handicraft items and Togolese delicacies.


What to do in Mango?

  • City tours
  • Walking
  • Visiting Kran National Park
  • Shopping


What to see in Mango?


Sansanné-Mango Airport:

The Sansanné-Mango Airport is one of the landmarks as well as tourist attractions of Mango, located within the city premise, only 2 km from the city centre. Although flights are irregular, nice construction, basic facilities and pleasant surroundings are the notable features of the airport.


Kran National Park:

Established in 1950, Kran National Park is probably one of the main reasons for visitors to visit Mango city. Mango is located only few kilometers northwestern boundary of the park and there is a direct road link passing through the park from mango city. Spanning over an area of 1,636 sq. km, the park is well known for elephant population.



The regional capital Dapaong is located around 70 km northwest of Mango, home to the Regional Museum of Savannas with a nice collection of cultural and historical artifacts. Except Monday and Sunday, that museum is open for visitors on all days of the week. Dapaong is also famous for its large traditional market with colorful local specialties.



Kara is one of the important cities of Togo, located around 140 km southeast of Mango. Kara is a city with diverse attractions, traditional events and markets and entertainment facilities like Park Sarakawa, Lama-Kara Village and University of Lomé. Buses generally ply between these cities.


List of other places of interest in and around Mango includes:

  • Market of Dapaong
  • Fosse aux Lions National Park
  • The Regional Museum of Savannas
  • Cave paintings Namoudjoga & Sogou
  • Bafilo Falls
  • Bafilo Mosque
  • Caves and Nok Maproug
  • Lomé Grand Market
  • Koutammakou
  • Palais du Congrès in Lome
  • Fazao Mafakassa National Park
  • Togo National Museum
  • Lake Togo


Best time to visit Mango:

Its dry weather and constant climate have made Mango as a year round destination. For those looking to have a prefect tour of Mango in Togo, from November to February is the right time.


Where to stay in Mango?

There are hotels in Mango but number is small, so it would be better if one reach the regional capital Dapaong (around 70 km), where all sorts of hotels can be found that are listed below:

  • Hotel Caroli
  • Lamirel Hotel
  • The Camp
  • Auberge Idriss
  • Auberge Elephents
  • Grand Hotel Dapaong
  • Hotel Tolerence
  • Hotel Princess
  • Hotel Lafia
  • Orchard Hotel
  • Hotel Sonube

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