Niamtougou Tourist Places to Visit in Niamtougou, Doufelgou, Togo, West Africa, Africa

Niamtougou Tourist Places to Visit in Niamtougou, Doufelgou, Togo, West Africa, Africa

Niamtougou is a town coming under the Doufelgou District in the Kara region of Togo, located on the highway linking it to Mango to the northwest and Kara to the south. It is relatively an upgraded town compared to other towns in the country, with a modernized hospital, an airport and a secondary school. Niamtougou is situated around 28 km north of Kara and 440 km north of Lome, the capital of Togo.

Niamtougou is also famous as a market town, holding the second prominent market of the region. Niamtougou is made up of six small villages, Niamtougou, Ténéga, Yaka, Agbandé, Baga and Koka. The geographical coordinates of Niamtougou are 9°46′ N latitude and 1°06′ E.


How to reach Niamtougou?

Niamtougou hosts an international airport, Niamtougou International Airport, is located in the nearby village of Baga, around 4 km north of the midpoint of Niamtougou town. Despite being an international airport, the airport receives no regular flights, only private and charter flights that mainly function during peak tourist season in the region.

The country’s prime airport, Lomé–Tokoin Airport, is located around 440 km from Niamtougou with flights from Paris, Brussels and Casablanca. Niamtougou can be reached by bus from Lome.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Niamtougou:

Sintou-Djandjaagou is a well known harvest festival celebrated in Niamtougou on the first Saturday of April, which involves many typical traditional dances. Niamtougou Market is a perfect place for shopping in the town and there are also many tourist favor restaurants in the town.


Things to do in Niamtougou:

  • Visiting market and church
  • Traditional shopping
  • Festival celebrations


Places to see in Niamtougou:


Roman Catholic Church in Niamtougou:

Niamtougou Roman Catholic Church is one of the recommended sites to visit in the town. The church is large and attractive, frequented by devotees as well as visitors for its charming construction and holiness. There is also a Roman Catholic mission elementary school in the town.


Niamtougou Market:

The Niamtougou Market is one of the highlights of both the town and region. Though market day is Sunday, there are daily activities in the market and the products like locally produced spices, vegetables, handicrafts and clothes are famous among both locals and visitors.


Craft Center CODHANI:

Established in 1977 with the aid of the German Development Service, the Craft Center CODHANI functions with the major intention of strengthening the lives of physically handicapped people. Currently this cooperative organization is home to 51 members, who are involved in batik, dyeing and sewing activities. Visitors are allowed.


Niamtougou International Airport:

The Niamtougou International Airport is the 2nd largest airport of Togo, situated around 4 km away from the heart of Niamtougou town. It can be reached by a rental vehicle and visited with a prior permission.


List of other places of interest in and around Niamtougou includes:

  • Niamtougou Mosque
  • Lama-Kara
  • Parc Sarakawa
  • Kran National Park
  • Fazao Mafakassa National Park
  • Togo National Museum
  • Bafilo Falls
  • Bafilo Mosque
  • University of Kara
  • University of Lomé
  • Kéran National Park
  • Palais du Congrès in Lome
  • Lomé Grand Market
  • Abdoulaye Faunal Reserve


Best time to visit Niamtougou:

Like most parts of the country, from November to April is the preferred time to visit Niamtougou, especially the month of February, when typical harvest festival Sintou-Djandjaagou takes place.


Hotels in Niamtougou:

It is difficult to find star rated hotels in Niamtougou but one can find many traditional accommodation options. For star rated hotels, visitors have to drive towards the regional capital Kara. Here is the list of prominent hotels in Niamtougou and Kara (around 28 km from Niamtougou):

  • Hotel Mira
  • Auberge la douceur
  • Hotel Kara
  • Hôtel de l’Union
  • Hotel La Fayette
  • Hôtel Marie Antoinette
  • Hôtel Concorde
  • Hôtel Byo
  • Auberge la détente
  • Auberge Hezou
  • Hotel le coin
  • Auberge Evala
  • Hôtel la providence
  • Hôtel de France
  • Hotel leota

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