Tourist Places to Visit in Lome, Togo, West Africa, Africa

Tourist Places to Visit in Lome, Togo, West Africa, Africa

Lome is the capital and largest city of Togo, situated on the Gulf of Guinea at 6°7′55″ N 1°13′22″ E. It is the administrative as well as the commercial hub of the country and also houses the nation’s major port. Lome is also the focal point of Togo’s tourism with diverse attractions like beaches, market, museums, churches and clubs. Lome is home to the recognized educational institutions, the University of Lomé and the British School of Lome. The city of Lome covers an area of 90 sq. km and is located around 10 meters above sea level.


History of Lome:

According to the historical records, the Ewe people were the founder of Lome in the 18th century. The city saw substantial growth in population after Togo received independence from France in the year 1960.


How to reach Lome?

Lome hosts the most important airport of the country, Lomé–Tokoin Airport. The airport is situated around 7 km northeast of the city centre and handles flights from Paris, Brussels, Cotonou, Ouagadougou, Monrovia, N’Djamena, Niamey and many other African and European cities.

Moto-taxis are the prevalent mode of transportation in Lome that costs around 300CFA for local travel. Taxis cost between 500CFA- 2000CFA depending on distance. The city also houses many rental car agencies in downtown area that offer luxury cars for both short and long terms.


Culture, Food and shopping in Lome:

Culturally, Lome is an opulent city with many recognized cultural and educational centres like the Togo National Museum and University of Lomé.

Grand Market is the most popular site for shopping in Lome and the famous restaurants in Lome include:

  • Coco Beach Togo
  • Restaurant Le Mercure
  • Grand Muraille
  • La Route des Vins


What to do in Lome?

  • Swimming
  • Shopping at Grand Market
  • Visiting spas


What to see in Lome?


Hotel du 2 Fevrier:

The Hotel du 2 Fevrier is a landmark hotel building in Lome, holding the title of the tallest building in Togo with a height of 102 meters. Built in 1980, Hotel du 2 Fevrier can be viewed from any point in the city.


Togo National Museum:

The Togo National Museum is housed in a magnificent modern building Palais de Congrés in Lome. The museum is focused on displaying the significance of Togo’s culture, ethnography and history with exhibitions of musical instruments, dolls, pottery, jewelry and many other well stored artworks.


Lome Grand Market:

The Grand Market is the largest market in Lome, featuring a 3-storey hall, where products like green lemons, travel bags, red peppers and traditional medicines are available at reasonable prices. Voodoo stores and Nana Benz are the other highlights of the market.


Beaches of Lome:

Located on the Gulf of Guinea, Lome is blessed by excellent sandy beaches with opportunities for a wide range of water sport activities. There are also plenty of Togolese and western restaurants located on the beach line.


Lomé Cathedral:

The Lomé Cathedral is a wonderful structure, dating from the German colonial period in 1905. Its Gothic designs will be a memorable treat for visitors’ eyes. It is a must visit.


List of other places of interest in and around Lome includes:

  • University of Lomé
  • Lomé-Tokoin Airport
  • La Madingue
  • Palais du Congrès
  • Village Artisanal
  • Le Mandingue Jazz Club
  • Musee International du Golfe de Guinee
  • La Madingue
  • Aneho Peter and Paul Church in Aneho
  • Aneho Protestant Church
  • Beaches of Aneho


Best time to visit Lome:

Aneho experiences a tropical wet and dry climate with two rainy seasons from April and July and from September to November. The ideal time to visit Lome is from November to February.


Where to stay in Lome?

Being the capital of Togo’s tourism, Lome is home to plenty of world class hotels with superior amenities to provide unforgettable hospitality services for visitors to make their tour memorable.  List of the prominent hotels in Lome in Togo include:

  • Mercure Lome Sarakawa
  • Hotel Sancta Maria
  • Hotel Eda Oba
  • Hotel Napoleon Lagune
  • Hotel Cocobeach
  • Hotel Cote Sud
  • Hotel Equateur
  • Hotel Bellevue
  • Residence Hoteliere Oceane
  • Ibis Lome Centre
  • Paradise Hotel
  • Hotel Belle-vue
  • 2 Fevrier Sofitel Hotel

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