Tourist Places to Visit in El Remate, Guatemala, America

Tourist Places to Visit in El Remate, Guatemala, America

El Remate is a town situated on the shore of Lake Peten Itza in Peten of Guatemala, is located about 30 km from Flores, the capital of the department of Peten and 440 km from Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala. El Remate is home to few small artisanal workshops and eco-friendly hotels and also has good connectivity with all around the department by road. It is an ideal site to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Peten Itza.


Geography of El Remate:

El Remate is placed on the eastern part of the lake between 17°00′ N latitude and 89°42′ W longitude.


Connectivity to EI Remate:

El Remate is well connected with nearby cities by regular bus services. All the buses run between Flores and Tikal must pass through EI Remate. There are regular minibuses departing from Santa Elena to El Remate every hour and it costs around Q20 for way. Also tourists can purchase daily pass to save money for Q30. El Remate also receives buses from Belize City.

For local travel, especially to reach lake, visitors can choose rental bicycles and also some hotels offer buses for local travel.

Mundo Maya International Airport in Santa Elena is the nearest and major airport to El Remate. It is situated about 27 km from El Remate town centre.

Food and Shopping in El Remate:

El Remate houses many restaurants with variety of traditional and foreign countries food and Las Orquideas is famous food corner located on the lakeshore road serving customers with Italian food and homemade pasta and pizza. It is open from 1PM to 9PM every day except Monday. Wood carvings are purchasable items in El Remate.


Things to do in El Remate:

  • Swimming
  • Hiking at Biotopo Cerro Cahui
  • Horseback Riding


Places to see in El Remate:

Lake Peten Itza:

Lake Peten Itza is a wonderful natural attraction located at the coordinates of 16°59′0″ N 89°48′0″ W, with an area of 99 sq. km it is the second largest lake in Guatemala. This lake houses different native animals and birds in and around such as crocodiles, jaguars, White-tailed deer, red snook fish, red brocket, macaws, parrots and toucans.

A natural reserve of butterflies, Cerro Cahui Protected Biotope is located towards the northeast shore of the lake and it houses colorful Butterflies and other different Monkey species like Spider Monkeys and Howler Monkeys.


Woodcarving Shops:

There are many woodcarving shops located in the centre of El Remate town and carvings include animals and jewelry boxes, sold at reasonable price.


Sunset View Point:

El Remate has a sunset view point which is on the eastern shore of Lake Peten Itza and is also famous for night sky watching.


Other places of interest near El Remate include:

  • Cival
  • Mopan River
  • Manchon Guamuchal Wetland Preserve
  • Petencito Zoo
  • Ak’tun Kan
  • The beach at Tilapa


Best time to visit El Remate:

Between February and August is the ideal time to visit El Remate.


Accommodation Options in El Remate:

El Remate is home to many budget and mid range hotels with different facilities like AC, hot water and private bath, free Wi-Fi and doctor on call. The price for double per night ranges from $8-$15. The prominent hotels in El Remate are as follows:

  • Hotel La Casa De Don David
  • Posada del Cerro
  • La Mansion del Pajaro Serpiente
  • Las Gardenias
  • Posada Ixchel
  • Tikal Sak Luk Lodge
  • La Casa Roja
  • Hotel y Restaurante Monami
  • Ribiera del Lago Peten Itza
  • Hotel Sun Breeze
  • Hotel Mon Ami
  • Hotel Camino Real Tikal
  • Hotel Gringo Perdido
  • Hotel Peten Esplendido
  • Hotel Villa Maya
  • La Casona Del Lago
  • Mayaland Plaza Hotel
  • Hotel And Restaurant The Peregr

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