Best Tourist Places to Visit in Asuncion, Paraguay, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Asuncion, Paraguay, America

Asuncion is normally called as Nuestra Senora Santa Maria de la Asuncion is the largest city and capital of Paraguay country. Asuncion is located on the banks of the river Paraguay with landscapes and beautiful views of surrounding areas. People of the city follow catholic region and the main language spoken by the people of the city is Spanish. Asuncion is home to number of companies, bushiness and investment groups. Asuncion is surrounded by Mariano Roque Alonso, Luque, Limpio, Lambare, San Lorenzo, Aregua and San Antonio and spans a total area of 1,117 square kilometers (445.2 square miles) and located at an elevation of 141 feet (43 meters) above the sea level. Coordinates of Asuncion are 25.2822° S, 57.6351° W.


Places to Visit in Asuncion:

National Pantheon of the Heroes:

National Pantheon of the Heroes is the landmark of the Asuncion city and one of the national monuments of Paraguay country. It is one of the must visit location in the city and architecture of the building displays the culture and heritage of the country.


Casa de la Independencia Museum:

Casa de la Independencia Museum was opened in the year 1965 and exhibits the history of the colonial era and independence of the country. The museum was the colonial building, is one of the national monuments which has a large historical momentous.

Icono Tower:

Icono Tower is the tallest building in the Asuncion city and structure stands at the height of 446 feet (136 meters) and 37 stories building and from top of the building, one can sight the breathtaking views of surroundings.


Other Places to visit in Asuncion:

  • La Santisima Trinidad de Parana
  • National Congress
  • Municipal Museum
  • Fine Arts museum
  • Backyard birds
  • Parque de la Salud


Best time to Visit Asuncion:

Asuncion is served by hot humid summer and mild winters. Summer season is from April to September, winter season is from June and July and wet season is from October to March. Best time to visit Asuncion is from April to September.


How to Reach Asuncion?

By Air:

Silvio Pettirossi International Airport is placed at the distance of 20 kilometers from Asuncion city which caters with domestic and international flights to cities like Buenos Aires, Miami, Lima, Montevideo, Panama City, Sao Paulo, Ciudad del Este, Santa Cruz de la Sierra and Santiago de Chile and from airport tourists can board bus to Asuncion city.


By Road:

Asuncion is the capital of the country and bus terminal is situated at the distance of 6 kilometers from centre of the city is the main bus terminal in the country from where one can board buses to different parts of the country. Taxis are available to get around the city.


By Boat:

Paraguay River provides the sea terminal in the city and the port operates domestic and international ferry services.


Where to Stay in Asuncion?

Asuncion has some fine traditional and exotic hotels ranging from budget to 4 star offering magnificent services to the guests taking accommodation facilities in such hotels. Tourists can book the hotel rooms prior visiting to the city through online booking and hotels in Asuncion provides world class facilities like spa, sauna, hot water spring bath, steam bath, 24 hours help desk, facilities for handicapped guests, welcome lobby and lounges, free internet with Wi-Fi connectivity etc. List of hotels located in Asuncion are as follows:

  • Asuncion Internacional Hotel & Suites
  • Resort Yacht y Golf Club Paraguayo
  • La Mision Hotel Boutique Asuncion
  • Crowne Plaza Asuncion
  • Granados Park Hotel
  • Terrazas Del Sol Apart & Hotel
  • Hotel Royal Gardens
  • La Morada Posada Boutique
  • Gran Hotel del Paraguay
  • Maison Suisse Hotel Hurard
  • Bourbon Conmebol Asuncion Convention Hotel
  • Santo Domingo Hotel

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